Lock Ness Terror

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It’s Halloween season, once again, which means an increased output on this here blog. Starting it off, the Lock Ness Terror. This movie is a 2008 Sci Fi Channel original. They put some effort into this movie, even going so far as to hire real actors. If you have read some of my previous Halloween season reviews, you know how rare that is for many of the movies I have watched. Brian Krause stars as James Murphy, a hard scrabbled Cryptozoologist that has been spending is life hunting the Lock Ness Monster. You might know him from the television show Charmed as a very different character. In this movie, it seems like he is chain-smoking blunts. I know they are suppose to be cigars but in one scene he shares one with our young co-star, Josh Riley, where you suspect James cigars aren’t 100% tobacco. Josh operates a bail shop on Pike Island which is in Lake Superior. His mom is the Sheriff in this sleepy little town. His Uncle Sean sees a creature in the lake and no one believes him. Uncle Sean is played by Donnelly Rhodes, whom you may remember as Doc Cottle on Battlestar Galactica.  James catches wind of Uncle Sean’s claims and comes to town but just a little too late. Sean is eaten by the Lock Ness Monster.

There is a sub plot about Josh and his ex-girlfriend, Zoe. She is with a guy named Brody. They are going out to a smaller island in Lake Superior with some friends for the weekend. On this island, the Lock Ness Monster has laid many eggs. Those eggs hatch and the babies eat their friends. Josh shows up at one point, helping Zoe and Brody get to safety while Josh gets help.  Meanwhile, James gets support from the Sheriff’s department in his mission after a few people get attacked under mysterious circumstances. Josh comes along to tell them about the Zoe situation. They gear up with some of James high tech monster hunting equipment. Their hunt leads them to the island where Zoe and Brody are in trouble.  Everyone does their part to put down the Lock Ness Monster and her babies.

I have mixed feelings about this movie. On one hand, it was a well told, well acted, and mostly well made Lock Ness Monster movie. They put some effort into making a Lock Ness Monster movie with a bit of a twist. This type of movie is well explored territory but they put some effort into making it as good as it could be given the resources they had available. That’s not an excuse or anything. We have all seen what happens when a made for tv movie doesn’t work or they didn’t try very hard to make well. The Lock Ness Terror works as a movie and you can tell there was a level of care in all departments to make a good movie. It’s not going to win an Oscar or anything. But it’s better than a lot of the Sci Fi Channel originals. You can sit down and watch this movie. On the other hand, a movie like this hangs heavily on whether or not the monster looks good. The monster does not look good. They tried really hard to make it look good. There is a level of craft put into the CGI monster that you never see in a made for tv movie. We have seen piss poor efforts for CGI monsters too many times to count. They did try in this movie but it simply did not play well. The practical effects in the movie looked good. There was a fair amount of practical gore effects in this movie. It would have been impossible to make a practical effect for the Lock Ness Monster, I understand that. But the CGI monster didn’t work for me. It didn’t ruin the movie but it wasn’t as engaging as I would have liked it to be either.

This is a movie you can find on DVD for fairly cheap and I highly recommend it. It goes down easy and was fun to watch with other people. This is the kind of low budget horror movie you can break out at your Halloween party that most people have probably not seen but most people will probably enjoy.


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