Legends of Horror: The Ghost

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Our legend in question in this movie is Barbara Steele. She has turned up in a number of these Mill Creek movies although this one left me with the best impression so far. Generically title, The Ghost is a simple but effective 60’s Italian horror movie about, not surprisingly, a ghost.

In 1910, Margaret is married to the paralysed Dr. Hichcock. John Hichcock has spent his life working on anesthetics but is now confined to a wheelchair. He is under the care of Dr. Livingstone. John has a crazy idea to mix two lethal poisons together in order to cure his paralysis. Livingstone thinks this is a terrible idea but he’s getting paid, so why not. He is also having an affair with Margaret.  She wants John dead. Livingstone believe he won’t make it much longer but that’s not good enough for Margaret. She questions his manhood, which is the best way to get a man to do what you want and he agrees to purposely mess up the formula. John dies from the experiment, which was to be expected and no blame is assigned.

John left behind a considerable estate. He left much of the cash assets to a local orphanage though. This makes Margaret very upset. It turns out that the safe can’t be opened though because the key is missing. The housekeeper seems to remember John putting it in his jacket the day he died. Now Margaret and Livingstone need to open up his casket to retrieve the key. Thankfully, he wasn’t buried but instead put in a crypt. They find the key and open the safe, intending to take a greater portion of the money and leave little for the orphans. The safe is empty.

That’s when the hauntings start. Remember, this is a movie about a ghost. John’s old wheelchair starts moving on its own. The housekeeper speaks in John’s voice. Various bumping in the night takes place that eats up a good chunk of the movie. Then Margaret finds out where the treasure is really kept, under John’s casket. She goes there and finds nothing but a skull in a box. She confronts Livingstone, who has had enough of the hauntings and was never that crazy about the plan to kill John in the first place. He is leaving. Margaret find the jewels in one of Livingstone’s bags. She believes she was being played all along but he insists he had nothing to do with it. So Margaret slashes him to death with an old time razor. She takes the body to the crypt and sets it on fire as one last good fuck you to Livingstone but then learns the horrible truth. John has been alive and well the whole time. In the end, everyone gets what is coming to them and wind up dead.

The Ghost is incredibly watchable. There is nothing spectacular about the movie. It delivers what it promises and comes off as an easy to watch ghost story. The acting was good, best I could tell. The movie was dubbed so there is always something lost in translation. The story was tight, with everything making sense and coming together nicely. It was light on effects with only one bloody scene, which was pretty well done. This is the kind of movie you put on during a Halloween party and it entertains the guests. I would say, between this movie and Jamaica Inn, you are already getting your money’s worth out of this box set.


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