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Pure Terror: Guru the Mad Monk

This is definitely the worst one.


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Pure Terror: Green Eyes

Macguffin: The Movie!

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Pure Terror: Anatomy of a Psycho

Anatomy of an aloof jerk would have been a better title.

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Pure Terror: Night of Bloody Horror

I will start out with a minor point when discussing Night of Bloody Horror but I believe it is worth making. The title of this movie is not only generic, for a horror movie, but it is also inaccurate in terms of what happens. The bloody horror does not take place in one night. It takes place over the coarse of an indeterminable period of time. By my best guess, six months to a year.

Wesley Stuart has a problem. All of the women he has relationships with keep dying when he has black outs. The black outs are precluded by a spiraling shape special effect and a high pitch noise. It’s a little cheesy but it gets the message across. The movie starts right away with a murder. Even though he has a history of mental illness and most of the signs point to him as the killer, he doesn’t get charged with the murder. They have no concrete evidence. Wesley takes his mind off the whole matter by going out for a drink. Some local thugs take notice of his fat wallet. Where he gets all his money isn’t clear though. They mug him in the parking lot. He nearly gets run over by a nurse. I believe her name was Kay but we might as well just call her Nurse Dead Meat. She takes Wesley to her home and brings him back to health. They start a relationship almost immediately. An interesting device is used to demonstrate the passage of time and their developing relationship. Their dates and intimate moments are shown in a series of still pictures. Points for originality. After a night of sex on the beach, Wesley has another one of his mental attacks and Nurse Dead Meat gets murdered. Again, Wesley is the chief suspect and again he is not charged. After a bar fight in which Wesley savages another man for unclear reasons, Wesley is left in the care of his long time psychiatrist. We also get to meet Wesley’s mother. Mom and Doc appear to be planning something and Wesley doesn’t like it. In the coarse of events, Reporter Dead Meat becomes the third woman to fall in love with Wesley. She may just be trying to get a big story but getting close to this guy is obviously a really bad idea. Spoiler Alert, Wesley gets arrest when tied to a third murder we never see in a park. Doctor Dead Meat gets killed. In a bizarre twist, Reporter Dead Meat is only knocked out by the real killer and held hostage for the purposes of revealing the plot. Turns out it was Wesley’s Mom all along. She blames Wesley for her husbands suicide and son’s death. So she has gone around killing anyone who gets close to Wesley. Wesley and the Police show up in the nick of time to shoot Mom and end the movie.

The story is a little repetitive and not terribly engaging. I had to watch this movie twice just to remember what it was I had seen. The biggest flaw is how Mom kidnaps the Reporter just to do an exposition dump. Mom had no problem quickly killing all of Wesley’s other girlfriends, what makes this one so special? But compared to the rest of the Pure Terror box set, it’s a fine movie. That might have been the problem I am having with this movie.  It was merely ok. Not bad. Not as good as Road House by a long shot. 

As for the film making aspect of this movie, it certainly is dated but like the story, it’s better than most of what you will find on this box set. The most bold things they did in this movie was the spiraling shape effect and the photo montage I mentioned early. Otherwise, Night of Bloody Horror has the same dim lighting and washed out film stock typical of early 70’s low budget horror movies.

While Night of Bloody Horror is in the upper half in terms of quality in the Pure Terror box set, I have a hard time recommending it for anyone. Bad movie fans will walk away bored by a lack of anything laughably terrible. General audiences won’t find it particularly scary or engaging. Even film students won’t get much from picking this movie apart. It’s not bad enough to be a bad movie. It’s not good enough to be a good movie. Night of Bloody Horror is just kind of there.

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