Pure Terror: Monstroid

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Monstroid is a pretty basic Lockness Monster sort of movie except it takes place in Columbia and not Scotland. With that said, I really enjoyed this movie. Maybe I was just in a good mood when I saw it or maybe it’s so bad it’s good. Also, I feel like after sitting through tons of strange foreign films starring Spanish John Belushi and tasteless schlock, a nice, simple monster movie is exactly what I needed. In fact, the original title was simply Monster. Can’t get much more simple than that.

In Columbia, there is a monster in a lake that is killing local villagers. A big US Cement factory is polluting the lake and may have created the monster. The movie isn’t really clear on that. Patty Clark is the intrepid news reporter on the scene in Columbia to expose all the dark dealings of the Big Cement Corporation. Victor Sanchez is a local rebel who blows himself up trying to shut down Big Cement. John Carradine is in the movie as a Priest who is against Big Cement. Pete is the manager of the cement plant and has a love triangle romantic subplot that gets resolved when the monster eats his girlfriend.

The Monster starts eating people and everyone blames Big Cement. Big Cement want the monster gone because with all the controversy in town, it’s hard to get anything done. Victor, as stated before, blows himself up for his cause but does no damage to Big Cement. It takes a lot of convincing, as in most of the movie, but everyone figures out there is a monster in the water. So they fill a dead sheep with dynamite and go fishing. The detonator gets dropped in the water and someone has to jump from a helicopter to retrieve it and push the button. The monster blows up in glorious chucks, roll credits.

They didn’t put a lot of work into the DVD transfer and the movie probably wouldn’t have looked much better if they had. It’s your typical b-movie in terms of cinematography. They did at least shoot night for night, which I appreciated. The film looks so grainy and washed out. Most of the budget when into the monster and it shows. Monstroid was shut down mid production in 1972 but additional tacked on scenes were shot to fill out the missing parts in 1978. Their are some scenes that take place in America and they definitely look different from the Colombian filmed footage.

Monstroid is nothing spectacular but I had fun watching it. Compared to everything else on this set, a silly b-monster movie is refreshing. I would recommend this to bad movie fans. Also if you happened to accidentally buy the Pure Terror set for Halloween party viewing, this is one of the movies you can put on and no one will judge you for owning it.


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