Halloween Horrors 2014: Eerie Midnight Horror Show

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First things first, no one is having midnight screenings once a week of The Eerie Midnight Horror Show. I understand foreign horror movies would often have alternate titles in order to fool Americans into renting their movie. But what is confusing is how they decided Enter the Devil should have been renamed Eerie Midnight Horror Show.  This movie borrows from The Exorcist mostly and bares no resemblance what so ever to Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Eerie Midnight Horror Show could have been renamed The Sexorcist. Because this movie gets graphic and fast.We start with Danila. She is an artist and an art dealer. She buys a large crucifix that is obviously a man in gold paint. At home, Danila has some problems. Mainly, her mom is cheating on her dad. Dad might know about this because Mom slips away during a party to get whipped with roses and sleep with another man. During the night, the golden painted man comes to life and has sex with Danila. It is oddly reminiscent of 90’s music videos but I forget which ones. This leads to Danila becoming possessed by a demon. So her parents call in Father Xeno, the exorcist. After a lot of sleazy that pretends to be art, as is often the case in European horror films, the Priest gets rid of The Devil himself and saves the day. Sort of.

This movie made me very uncomfortable. Not in the good way that a well made horror movie should but rather in an “I feel dirty for watching this” way. Because the movie is dubbed, it’s hard to judge any of the acting. The voice acting by the dub actors was uninspired and the performances seemed monotone if facial expressions are any indication.  The story is pretty much The Exorcist poorly done, with an older girl and tons of sex. The cinematography was nothing special when compared to other foreign horror movies of the era. It’s the same kind of flat, nothingness I have come to expect from Spanish John Belushi films. I was hoping when the demon possession started that they might play with the cinematography since that was one of the most enjoyable and well done parts of The Exorcist.  Clearly, the makers of this film were fans so one would think they would be incline to rip off some of the more effective elements of that film. But that would have taken work an clearly that wasn’t in the agenda.

Between the misleading title and the nonstop sleazy, I would recommend staying far away from this movie. I feel bad that I watched it, even worse that I own it as part of the Pure Terror collection, and would prefer to just forget the whole matter. For fans of bad movies, The Eerie Midnight Horror Show doesn’t even stack up. There is no epic incompetent film making on displace. Nothing that a person can laugh at unless you are a very dark soul. In final, I’d like to see every copy of this film erased from existence.  And this isn’t even the worst movie on the set.


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