Halloween Horrors 2014: Don’t Answer the Phone

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One big peeve I have with the Pure Terror set is the misleading description on the blurbs that are meant to tell you what the movie is about. The blurb for Don’t Answer the Phone says its about a mentally ill man who stalks a radio talk show host. That’s not really what happens here. This movie is about a mentally ill man who uses his position as a photographer to rape and kill women, then pranks a radio talk show host until she mocks him and gets on his bad side. Don’t Answer the Phone is also a misleading title. The phone plays very little into the proceedings.

This movie is very uncomfortable to watch. The rape and murder is uncomfortable to sit through, as one might expect. But they real disturbing part of this movie is the performance of the killer, played by Nicholas Worth. It’s like they pulled an insane person off the streets and pointed a camera at him. Particularly in the scenes where he talks to himself, delivering racist and sexist monologues. He is very creep, even though his acting is over the top and a bit hammy. Still, it fits the character.

There isn’t much to the story on this one. The killer graphically murders a woman. Then calls Doctor Laura (not really) to mock her. The bumbling police are always one step behind the killer even though he does nothing to cover his tracks. Rinse and repeat. The bumbling cops not only are out of tone with the rest of the movie, it’s shocking how bad they are at being cops. They may violate ever constitutional right at some point in this movie. Their police work is sloppy, as is the acting. They cause several people to get killed when they just show up flashing their badges in a house of ill repute, a scene that is uncomfortably racist. They break and enter into homes, collect evidence without a warrant, break into the wrong home, the list of offenses goes on and on. The radio show host is quite bad as well. Her advice nearly drives one girl to suicide. By the end of the movie, it’s a world without heroes, no one to cheer for, and you’re just glad it’s over. Technically, Don’t Answer the Phone isn’t very good either. I don’t think they could afford lights. The film is grainy and washed out, clearly bought from expired budget stock.

If you’re a bad movie fan, you should see this one at least once just for the experience. I have no desire to watch it again though. It left me feeling kind of dirty for watching it. If you’re expecting an entertaining “Don’t” grindhouse horror movie, this isn’t what you are looking for.


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