I am Legend

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Sorry this was left blank for a while but an attempt to blog on my phone failed.

I am a sucker for post-apocalyptic movies. I love them. Considering how big of a movie this was, it’s kind of remarkable it flew off my radar. Pretty inexcusable really. Also considering how much I like Will Smith, I really have no explanation why I had not seen this movie soon. It’s every bit as worthy as The Road Warrior. Will Smith takes another step in proving he really is a good actor, if there is still any doubt. The production design and cinematography is top notch.  The creature design was very well done and creepy. This is definitely the kind of movie I needed to watch after slugging through all those European horror movie.

I Am Legend is about Robert, played by Will Smith. He somewhat believes he is the last man on Earth following a virus induced Apocalypse.   Robert travels with his faithful dog, Sam across the Renascence of New York City. New York remains mostly in tact but has been claimed by nature, with deer and wild animals roaming freely about. Robert and Sam have a routine they follow which includes making a call for survivors. Robert is working on a cure for the disease that turned all of humanity into zombie like creatures that only come out at night. When he is not doing that, he hunts, watches movies, works out, and drives around. Years of isolation have taken a psychological effect on him. He has taken to setting up mannequin throughout the city, talking to them and even giving them names. He get flashbacks of the before time. Robert has quite a bit of guilt in regards to how things got out of hand and his family got killed.  I won’t spoil too much of the movie, although I think most people have already sense it. I will say that Robert thinks he is close to a cure when everything starts to get really crazy.

They did a lot of things right in the movie, particularly in terms of the writing. Nothing is flat out explained to us. In fact, there is very little dialogue at all. It’s Will Smith and his dog for a good portion of the movie. Other than Will Smith yelling at Mannequins, dialogue is pretty light in the first half of the movie. Even after that, very little is explained to us, yet through actions and visuals all but the dimmest people will understand what is happening in I Am Legend . I really liked how the apocalypse was caused by good intentions. In a lot of these movies, they like to make a political statement by saying the end times were brought about by nuclear weapons, global warming, or George W. Bush. In this movie, they were trying to do something good and couldn’t have conceived of the negative side effects.

I loved this movie. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it flawless but anything you could take issue with is nitpicking. I have seen the alternate ending and I think it was wise to use the one they went with. I was lent the box set special edition and I would say for a film student, that would be a wise investment. For general audiences, a regular version on blu ray, dvd, or net flicks will do just fine. I would give this movie my highest recommendation though. It’s well worth your time.


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