Halloween Horrors 50 for 31: Tell Tale Heart

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This British production of The Tell Tale Heart is pretty much what you think it is. It’s a 1960’s production of Edger Allen Poe’s classic poem The Tell Tale Heart. There was a whole bunch of Poe adaptations done in the 60’s. The most memorable of the bunch were made by Roger Corman and are arguably his best work. This movie lacks a lot of the suspense, atmosphere, and Vincent Price that those movies had.


Our main character is Edger. The actor playing him only has two modes, drab and psychotic. He has his best friend and ladies man, Carl. They play chess against each other every Sunday. Edger has a problem attracting women until Betty moves across the street. He takes her out, has a pleasant time, and gets attached way too quickly. Edger introduces Betty to Carl. She is charmed by Carl and puts out for him almost immediately. The way she drolls over him, she would have probably jumped him right there in the bar if she could have gotten away with it. Edger witnesses one of their affairs and is completely heartbroken. So he invites Carl over late one night and kills him. He then buries Carl under the floor boards of the house. Edger constantly hears the heart beat and sees it thumping under the floor boards. Betty, sadden Carl went missing, suspects Edger because he acts like the most guilty man in the world. The cops come by to question him and he breaks down with guilt. He then impales himself on a suit of armor then wakes up. It was all a dream…. or was it?


This particular production seems to be critically acclaimed so what do I know? I found this movie to be incredibly drab. Apparently, people like the amounts of sex and violence for a movie made in 1960. I will admit the moment he kills Carl was well done but it’s not really worth the price of admission. It’s pretty hard to get a feature length movie out of a poem that is less than three pages. But I felt like much of the movie was draw out padding and the love triangle subplot was very transparent. The second you meet Carl you pretty much see where it’s heading. I didn’t care for this movie much but you may feel different. Give this one a try for yourself.


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