Halloween Horrors 50 for 31: Mutant

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Mutant is also known as Night Shadows. In fact, if you try to look up this movie on imdb there is no listing under Mutant but it is known as Night Shadows. I’d hate to start off on a negative note but titles are very important to a movie. Neither title give you much of an impression what the movie is about. Southern Night of the Living Dead would be an accurate description of the plot.


Two city boys, who happen to be brothers Mike and Josh, upset some locals in an unnamed Southern state by driving on the road. Since they don’t want Yankees around these parts, they run the city boys off the road and into a creek, guaranteeing they will be stranded for days. Albert, the leader of the hillbillies, really goes out of his way to mess with these guys for no real reason. The brothers should conspire to jump this idiot from behind and leave him in a bloody heap. They really just want to get out of town and forget this place. But not before finding a dead body that has horrible chemical burns. Mike gets sliced up by Albert but gets saved by the Sheriff. They point the Sheriff towards where the dead body was and it has been replaced by a drunk. The Sheriff gets these city boys a room for the night with a kindly old lady. She runs something of a boarding house. Mike gets dragged off under his bed and isn’t seen or heard from again.


In the morning, Josh is looking all over for his brother but he doesn’t find him. What he does find is Holly, the only local who does hate city folk. Holly is working as a bar keep this morning. She is usually a school teacher but school is canceled today because everyone is sick with a flu that’s going around. For some reason they go to the school and find one dubbed kid who sits lonely at school. He cryptic claims to have been abandoned by his parents and has no place to go. Poor kid! He pops up here and there throughout the movie.


Josh and Holly poke around town and uncover the truth behind the disappearances. It relates to an evil corporation dumping chemicals for the fun of it. People in the town are turning into zombies with burning touch. There is also a sub plot with the Sheriff having a dark past and drinking problem. Spoiler alert, Josh and Holly seem to be the only two left in town. The Sheriff shows up with more county sheriffs and rescues them. The Sheriff was thought to be fired earlier but now he gets his job offered back to him. He tells them to shove it and takes Josh and Holly out for a drink. I’ll admit, it’s a different kind of ending but not very uplifting. Our hero gives up his job and gives in to his drinking problem. Points for creative, I guess.


Mutant is a very watchable movie. I wouldn’t call it great or even good but it’s good enough that the average person could sit down. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s a rip off of Night of the Living Dead but there are some obvious similarities, particularly in the end. This movie does have more going for it than the rash of new millennium zombie movies. The mystery parts of the movie work fairly well and the atmosphere of the small Southern town is different. They could have done more with it had they tried. The acting is fine, effects are adequate. It’s not exactly must see but Mutant is an easy watch that most people should find enjoyable.


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