Halloween Horrors 50 for 31: Evil Brain from Outer Space

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Evil Brain From Outer Space is an incoherent mess. But unlike most of the incoherent messes I witness, this one actually has an excuse. This was never meant to be a movie. In fact, it is a pieced together Japanese tv show taken out of context. That was very funny when it was done for Most Extreme Elimination Challenge. However, this was 1965 and the American distributors meant for this to be taken seriously. Back in the 50’s, The Adventures of Superman was a very popular show in Japan. So Japanese producers made their own Superman named Super Giant. He is an alien made of the strongest steel with a watch that gives him powers. He can fly, detect radiation, and speak any language. In the 60’s American producers decided to that the episodes, edit four of them together, rewrite the stories to try to make them connect and release them as feature length movies. They renamed Super Giant to Star Man. There are four of these movies. I can’t speak to the qualities of the other films but it just didn’t work in this case.


So a console of interesting looking aliens meet to discuss the brain of Balizar, which fled his body and is on Earth. They decide to send Star Man to go deal with it. Star Man could be THE Star Man from NES Pro Wrestling. The costume is close. One of the mutants he fights looks a bit like The Amazon. A winner is not the audience though. I may be reading too much into this. On Earth we see a man running with a briefcase. It ha Balizar’s Brain but the cops chasing him think he is a bank robber. The cops catch him but let him go after they catch the real bank robber. The scientist he works for springs him only to have him killed. This scientist is working for the Brain. After that, it gets really merky.


Star Man gets some help from children, who mostly get themselves in trouble. Star Man really is the John Cena of his day. He no sells all of his opponents offense. Eight guys will come at him at once and he won’t even flinch. Bullets do nothing. He even falls on a nuclear hand grenade to save a Sheik and doesn’t even get dust on his outfit. The movies all over the place. Witches show up and start attacking people. Scientists, criminals, doctors, all sorts of people are very will to work with the brain of Balizar to meet his evil needs. His most reliable henchmen are mutants. They aren’t the X-Men or anything. They are just really pail looking.


I really wanted to give this movie a chance but it’s unwatchable. The tone reminds me of MST3K episodes Prince of Space and Invasion of the Neptune Men. This isn’t nearly as enjoyable as those films. It helps that they have riffing. Evil Brain From Outer Space would benefit from a good riffing. It’s so hard to follow though, I don’t know how you could get much material out of it. I would avoid this one at all costs.


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