Halloween Horrors 50 for 31: Devil’s Possessed

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What would a Halloween on my blog be with a Spanish horror movie and Paul Naschy. Paul Naschy is a well respected actor, writer, and director in Spain, known in part of his horror movies. I call him Spanish John Belushi. Even in this movie, he looks a lot like John Belushi. I tried to put that out of my mind but couldn’t help it. Some of the critics I have read think this is one of his weaker horror entries. I disagree completely. This might be his most watchable movie I have seen yet. This is Devil’s Possessed.


Our settling is mid-evil France. Baron Gilles de Lancre has been forsaken by the King of France. So, with a lot of encouragement from his lady friend Georgel, he says screw the King and plans to overthrow him. But with such a small barony, you doesn’t stand a chance. They turn to the dark arts to grant the Baron immortality. They hire an Alchemist who claims he can make the Philosopher’s Stone. All he will need from the Baron is a bunch of maiden’s to sacrifice, inflate taxes on the peasants to pay for all of this, and for the Baron to worship Satan. Georgel and the Alchemist are playing him like a fiddle. He is deeply conflicted but driven by his thirst for power. The people are upset by all of this and start a rebellion.


Meanwhile, Gaston de Malebranche returns after years of being a POW of the British. He had saved the life of the Baron during the war. He reunites with the Baron and all seems well until the Baron reveals his dark experiments to Gaston. Georgel knows Gaston is too good of a person to go along with this. So she encourages him to assassinate Gaston. This tears the Baron apart but it must be done. Gaston gets away and joins up with the Rebel alliance.


This is where the fun part comes in. Gaston and his band of rebels hit the Baron where it hurts, raid tax collectors. We get swashbuckling, jousting, and a lot of mid-evil D&D Campaign sort of stuff. This all leads to a raid on the castle and an awesome ending for the Baron aka The Marshall of Hell. There is so much fun, adventure, excitement, and high stakes for these rebels, I really am just a mark for this kind of stuff. The Baron is such a bastard too, he is the perfect antagonist for this kind of story. The devil worship, torture, and human sacrifice are really much further than they usually go in stories like this, it really sets Devil’s Possessed apart from other Robin Hood like adventures.


I really liked this movie. I would prefer it were subtitled instead of dubbed so I could better judge this movie. I recognize this movie isn’t for everyone. A lot of the devil worship stuff made me uncomfortable, and a lot of people may take a pass on it due to that. I mostly liked the rebel’s struggles and attacks on the Baron. It wasn’t an easy victory for them, all the way to the end. They really built the story well. The odds are really against the good guys and we see the consequences for failure early on. It’s a bit too dark to be a fun, swashbuckling adventure for everyone. But for mature audiences, I feel like this may be the most enjoyable movie on this box set.


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