Halloween Horrors 50 for 31: Satan’s Slave

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I’m not exactly a radical feminist.  But simply has a human being, I have real problems with how this movie treats women. The first hour of Satan’s Slave is a mix of dry, British conversation and women being brutalized. I understand that a lot of horror movies have misogynistic themes but this movie goes way over board. The opening scene we see a woman being sacrificed by a cult.  That’s to be expected, it’s a Satan movie. Of course, she is bare naked when this happens but that’s Europe for you. From there, we see a lot of scenes of naked women being tortured, branded, raped, and generally slapped around. This really is the sleaziest kind of exploitation film. I guess that’s to be expected from a self described exploitation film but I didn’t know that going in and I certainly don’t have to like it.

Catherine goes to see her Uncle for a week or so. While her parents are leaving, she sees their car blow up, reducing them to ashes. Turns out that her Uncle is the leader of a Satanic cult. He plans of sacrificing her on her 20th birthday to bring back the spirit of an evil witch who was burned at the stake years ago. Catherine doesn’t learn this until later on. In fact, we know very little until an info dump is done an hour into the movie. We get told what the story is suppose to be. They couldn’t have bothered to tell us the story through the coarse of the movie because then we wouldn’t have had time to see a woman have a cross shoved up her vagina just before she gets brutally murdered. Catherine’s boyfriend, who we see little of, gets driven mad by the cult from far while in an elevator and jumps off a building. The cult’s in these movies sometimes can be too powerful. If they can mind control people from 300 miles away with just a photo of the person, why are they wasting their time with trying to bring back a witch who got burned alive? Why don’t they get all the world leaders to bend to their will or something like that?

So yeah, exposition dump at the one hour mark to make this movie seem as if it is about something other than murder set pieces. Catherine makes very little effort to leave knowing she only has a day or so left before they sacrifice her.  She has a disgusting kissing cousins relationship with her cousin Stephen, whom she stabs in the eye during the sacrifice. She makes a run for it. It’s funny how most of the cult members look like Ewoks. They somehow beat Catherine back to the house were her father is waiting for her. Her father convinces her it was all just a dream. Turns out, Dad was part of the cult and faked his own death. I call bullshit on that. And just how did her Uncle, a 50 year old or so man, beat her back to the house without getting winded or breaking a sweat, and had time to change out of his cult robe. Anyway, the twist is revealed and as usual Satan wins. Satan always wins in these cult movies. That’s one reason I find them so unsatisfying. I guess I shouldn’t expect a happy ending from a movie that spent most of it’s time abusing naked women.

About the only good thing I can say about this movie is that the gore effects are well done. So many other people think so highly of this movie and I can only think that they are admiring the gore effects and set pieces because this movie is reprehensible. It really is just the sleaziest example of an exploitation film. It treats women like crap then tries to act like it’s classy because British people are walking around talking about tea and making out with their cousins. I’d believe it more if it had taken place in Wales. I have seen a lot of sleazy and shitty movies in this box set but this may be the first that I am embarrassed to say I have seen.


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