Halloween Horrors 50 for 31: Point of Terror

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Similar to The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave,  this movie features a world without heroes.  Point of Terror features a lot of people backstabbing each other, using each other, and committing murder as a first resort to solving their problems. The worst part of it all is the twist ending makes the whole thing pointless.  Calling this Pointless of Terror is an obvious joke but it’s true.

We start off with  a musical performance by Tony Trelos. We get a lot of musical numbers that eat up some of the running time. This was a big deal in a lot of these movies from the 50’s through the 70’s. It’s hard to imagine mainstream audiences sitting through a 5 minute musical performance unless it was also accompanied by break dancing. We take a look into the world of Tony Trelos, a lounge singer who does…. 70’s music. I don’t know how else to describe his genre. His live is basically booze, women, and music. Peter Carpenter, who plays Tony Trelos, was a decent enough singer. He certainly came off as an unlikable womanizer, which is what the role called for, so I can’t knock his acting. He has his red headed girlfriend at the club, who isn’t exactly his girlfriend. It’s unclear what their relationship is but it seems she is closer to him than he is to her. Then one day Andrea finds him on the beach taking a nap.  He invites her to come see him sing. As luck would have it, she is a big deal music executive. Tony feeds her a few drinks back at his place and manages to wrangle a record deal out of the meeting.

Problems start presenting themselves when we learn that Andrea’s husband Martin owns the record label. He is in a wheel chair due to something she may or may not have done. Andrea has been falling down on the job at the record company, which she is suppose to be handling the day to day operations of while her husband is crippled. Instead, she spends her days drinking and chasing around lounge singers. It’s implied that Martin had his first wife killed so they could be together. The audio mixing is awful in this scene but you get the basic idea.

Andrea and her boozey friend Fran go to spend some more time with Tony and finalize the record deal. Fran comes off as one of the more sympathetic characters in the movie. Also she really wants is for her best friend Andrea to be happy. Her main goal in life seems to be to get drunk and cheat on her husband. I guess we can see why she is such good friends with Andrea. Andrea seems to question Tony’s talents during a recording session. She has big plans for him but really only seems interesting in pushing him as a music act so she can stay close to him and have sex with him. Seems like she shouldn’t put that much effort into his music career since she is just using him.

Martin figures out Andrea is cheating. Probably didn’t help that she invited Tony over to have sex in the pool. Through the conflict, Martin ends up in the pool and can’t swim. Martin dies. Turns out Tony saw the whole thing. At the funeral, Martin’s daughter Heleyna flies in from Europe for the occasion. She immediately catches Tony’s eye. But before chasing after a girl 20 years his junior, he proposes marriage to Andrea. Andrea isn’t really ready to get married again and their relationship starts to unravel. Andrea threatens to bury him. He threats to bury her with his witness to Martin’s murder. I don’t know how wise it is to threaten a woman who also is responsible for two murders. At the end of the day, neither have an upper hand on each other. Andrea runs off on a vacation. That leaves Martin to romance Helyna. He finds out she will get half of the whole recording empire. Since Andrea won’t marry him, maybe Heleyna will. And she does. She barely knows the guy for a couple days and he is such a smooth talker, she actually marries him. Not once does she question his motives, which are fairly transparent.

Andrea comes back and finds out about the wedding. She throws herself at Tony in a scene where she ends up with very little dignity. This ends with her falling off a cliff and onto some rocks. I have no idea why she begs Tony to stay with her when she blew him off earlier. Andrea’s murder is chalked up as an accident since she was full of booze and pills at the time. Heleyna covers up the whole thing for her own benefit making her less likable than she was before.

The red head from early pops up. She is a wreck because she is pregnant with Tony’s baby. He pushes for an abortion but she wants none of that. She before Tony leaves for a honeymoon, she kills him. At this point he wakes up back on the beach. It was all just a dream. Bullshit!

This movie moves slower than molasses. It really isn’t a horror movie as much as a soap opera. Fran and Heleyna come off as the only likable characters in that they aren’t using or backstabbing anyone. Tony comes off as a drunk, womanizer and it’s hard to believe any of these women would want him as much as they do. I can’t bury the movie completely. It is an interesting look into the world of some really sleazy people. Problem is, its slow moving and not a lot of fun.  It wasn’t poorly made or performed or written. But still, I really didn’t enjoy watching this movie. Overall, Point of Terror isn’t a movie I can recommend for anyone. It’s not fun for bad movie fans. General audiences won’t find anyone to relate to or root for. I’d take a pass on this one.


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