Halloween Horrors 50 for 31: My Mom is a Werewolf

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Finally, a real movie. I personally believe all these movies I watch are real movies. I’m probably too generous with some of them. My Mom is a Werewolf is the first one in the pure terror set that looks and feels like a fairly modern movie. This is an American horror comedy from 1989 starring John Saxton, Susan Blakely, and John Schuck. It may be the only movie in this set I could have an average person watch and they would give it a fair chance.


It’s never a good sign when the description of the movie on imdb and the left-let that comes with the Pure Terror box set flat out lie about the plot of the movie. The description says that My Mom is a Werewolf is about a frustrated house wife who buys a dog collar which turns the owner of the dog collar into a werewolf. That is false. The movie is about a frustrated house wife who buys a dog collar then gets seduced by the pet shop owner, played by John Saxton, and turned into a werewolf. An interesting thing about John Saxton’s character, he has some very vampire like powers for a werewolf. For starters, he is very seductive, a trait more common to vampire movies than werewolves. He can make people suggestible with a glare. Now that’s very vampire like. The cover art has very Teen Wolf looking font. That leads me to believe that this was at one time a vampire movie but was changed to werewolves after the popularity of Teen Wolf. That is pure speculation on my part backed up only by the evidence I have laid out. If you decide to watch this movie, tell me if you think this movie would be much different if they had just changed werewolves to vampires.


As with all comedies, this is fairly hard to reviews. Comedy being subjective, what I find funny, others may not. There are a lot of references made to horror/geek culture. Chances are a lot of people won’t get these jokes. Also the type of humor they use might not be to your tastes. They rely on innuendo and misdirection for laughs. They don’t get too dirty, aside from the S and M neighbors near the end of the movie. If it makes any sense, the sexual humor is innocently dirty instead of flat out blue. This movie may have been just as inspired by Mad magazine as Fangoria. They reference monster mags a lot.


We meet Mom and Jenifer having just got back from grocery shopping. Mom is planning on making a horrible sounding vegetarian quiche. Jenifer made other plans though to go to a sci-fi convention with her friend Stacey. Stacey is completely into b-movies, monster mags, and other geeky stuff like that. While there they decide to visit a fortune telling gypsy who is also a notary public. The gypsy tells Jennifer she is in for some bad luck and gives her a calling card. Later on the gypsy isn’t much help when Mom is a werewolf. Her advice turns out to be more effective for vampires. Meanwhile Mom greets Dad when he comes home. Dad, played by John Schuck, is really funny. He crashes out as soon as he sits down, leaving Mom high and dry.


The next day Dad is watching football with his friends. This upsets Mom so much she goes out shopping for a flee collar. At the pet store she meets the very charming Harry Thropen played by John Saxton. He is pretty good in this movie. He usually is though. For a guy who seems to take just about any role offered to him, he really does put in a good effort in everything he is in. Last year I reviewed Hands of Steel, an Italian knock off of Terminator and Over the Top and say what you will about that movie, John Saxton really put forth a good effort. They don’t ask much of him in this movie. Mostly he is just being sleazy/charming. But I feel that it works very well.


After selling Mom a flee collar, Harry takes her out to dinner and to bed. Jenifer and Stacey follow them around the whole time, spying on them. While peeping on the bedroom activities, a cop chases them off then does some peeping himself. The bedroom antics don’t get far because Harry bites her toes and she runs off, thinking twice about the whole affair. This seems like it happens all really quickly but it works because of the mind control stare that John Saxton has. That night Mom starts turning into a werewolf.


They play a little loose with werewolf rules in this movie. Mom turns into a werewolf several times during the day. She goes to a Jewish deli looking for pork. They don’t seem the least bit concerned she has fangs, claws, and a full beard. She goes to the dentists to take care of the fangs and he thinks of it as his greatest challenge. Same thing at the stylists. When and what time Mom changes into a werewolf is pretty up in the air. I understand it was done for comedic convenience and I’m fine with it. But I know some people wouldn’t be.


In the end, they discover the solution to destroying a werewolf through reading monster mags. Turns out you just stab them with silver and its all over. This movie really is in love with monster mags and it might be the biggest gap for regular people to jump while watching this movie. Also, after all the chaos has died down, Dad agrees to give up football so Mom doesn’t go out looking for other men. What the fuck! I don’t swear often in these reviews but that really rubbed me the wrong way. A theme never full developed in this movie is that of martial infidelity. The whole movie could have been an allegory for an affair if they had wished it to be. It’s really beneath the surface here. But Dad has to give up football because Mom was running around with werewolves. Something isn’t quite right about that.


I really enjoyed this movie. I thought it was a lot of fun, I got the humor, and it goes down pretty easy. The creature effects are pretty decent for a movie of this budget. I have seen worse werewolves in movies that were trying to be serious. I think most people can watch My Mom is a Werewolf and come away having enjoyed themselves, which might be the only movie in the Pure Terror set I can say that for.


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