Halloween Horrors 50 for 31: The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave

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Boy, I sure which there was a way to make that title shorter. The Horror World Tour continues. Today we stay in Italy although for some reason the actors are trying to be British. It’s really not clear where this movie is suppose to be taking place. It’s 1972’s The Night Evelyn Came Out of  the Grave. This movie has more hell turns than late 90’s WWF.

It’s hard not to talk spoilers when talking about this movie. The spoiler free review, if anyone cares, is as such. This movie is pretty hard to follow. When you do realize what is going on in the movie, it leaves you feeling kind of dirty. There aren’t any likable characters, per say. It all leads to the last 15 minutes where pretty much everyone turns against each other in a giant cluster-you know what.

We start off with our main character, I assume, trying to escape an insane asylum. This first sequence really is the best part of the movie and kind of misleading as far as what we can expect for the rest of the movie. It’s very stylized and psychedelic. The rest of the movie we are about to watch is pretty bland, visually speaking. Years later, we catch up with the mental patient, at least I think it was him. He is entertain a lady of the night. He does a switch-a-roo on his license plate. Then he leads her to his dirty old castle which has one decently looking room. It happens to be next to the torture chamber. He kills the hooker but not before having a vision of his dead wife Evelyn. Following this, his Aunt Agatha suggests he visits with a medium to talk to his dead wife and get her out of his head for good. When he invites his psychiatrist along, the shrink says its all hookus pokus and Alan should really just try to remarry and move on. Strangely enough, Alan does have a vision of Evelyn during the seance. Nothing ever really comes of this. Instead, he goes out and finds another hooker to kill. This one is named Susie. This will be important later. We are lead to believe he has killed again but he has a psychotic break in the middle of the murder.

After knocking off two hookers, he decides to take his shrink  and cousins advice and find another woman to marry. He goes to a social gathering and meets Gladys. What you need to know about Alan is he is a part of royality, kind of, in Britain. If something happens to Alan, his cousin George gains the title of Lord and the estate. This is glossed over very quickly but becomes import later on. Anyways, Alan falls head over heels for Gladys and proposes to her on the first night they meet. I guess since we have seen Alan kill two hookers, Gladys is our protagonist. We hope that she will not suffer the same fate as the two street walkers.

Well, from there the movie spends a lot of time putting undue stress on Alan, who is already a weak structure. They mess with him a lot. A woman dressed as Evelyn pops up every now and again. Her grave is empty, which may or may not have been Alan’s idea. Gladys tries to play the good wife and convince Alan to let it go, to not dwell on his dead wife. Evelyn’s brother is also the groundskeeper and he is pretty much every creepy groundskeeper you have ever seen in a movie like this. He gets killed off quickly and lacks the likability of Torgo from Manos the Hands of Fate.

Well, after all the bumps in the night and murders of groundskeepers and Aunt Agatha have happened, Alan finally has a complete mental breakdown when he sees Evelyn rise from her casket. Turn out this was Gladys dressed as Evelyn to give him a scare. She was working with George all along as a plan to steal the estate. But she already had the estate being married to Alan. What did she really have to gain from this plan? Alan was a high strung jerk, to be sure, but that was mostly because they were stressing him out with all the Evelyn haunting stuff. Well, our heel turns get worse when George poisons Gladys so that everything will belong to him. Then, out of nowhere Susie shows up. Her and George were working together all along. Gladys has enough strength in her to stab Susie multiple times. George just stands back and watches them kill each other. George tries to make a descrete getaway but Alan is there to stop him. Turns out Alan was never really committed after the whole Evelyn walking out of her casket thing. He has the cops waiting to take George away. Are the cops at all interested in Alan killing at least one hooker? Not really. George gets thrown in a pool mixed with dangerous chemical. He feels the burning as he gets carried away and the movie ends.

This movie makes very little sense. You really end up with no protagonist in the end. Even Gladys is kind of hard to get on board with because we never get to know a lot about her besides that she is willing to marry a crazy man and puts out on a first date. When she makes her heel turn, being dressed as Evelyn, it’s shocking. But it doesn’t really make a lot of sense. She already had access to all of Alan’s estate and was the lady of the house. Her life with him wasn’t that bad until she started with the fake haunting stuff. Most of the time, she seems to be doing the right things to get Alan to move on from Evelyn. What if she had succeeded? What if he had just moved on from his ex-wife? That would have really hurt their plot to put him in an asylum and steal all his wealth. Imagine how awkward it would have if when she got out of the casket as Evelyn, he had just rocked out and speared her through the damn casket. That might have been hard to explain. She really has nothing to gain from being in cahoots with George. As for George and Susie’s plan, it’s a good thing Alan noticed Gladys at that party. What if he hadn’t been interested in her but found another girl, not plotting to drive him insane? That would have pretty much shot their plan to hell. What if he had just found another girl of ill repute to take home and kill? I guess that would have left Susie feeling  little responsible? Or he very well could have killed Gladys. Imagine the guilt Susie would be feeling then. In fact, it’s kind of strange he didn’t kill Gladys on their first date. It’s not like anything had changed for him compare to the last two sequences were he gleefully killed two hookers.

The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave is a really confusing, drawn out, and dull movie. The kills aren’t very graphic. There is a ton of nudity, for whatever that is worth. The heel turns at the end come out of nowhere. We barely got to know George and there was nothing special about Susie. So why should we care when they pop up at the end to take all the money and run. It would have helped Susie’s case as a character of we hadn’t seen him kill another girl prior. Or if they could have done something to make her more likable. That really is the biggest problem with this movie. None of the characters are all that likable. You really don’t like spending an hour and a half with any of these people. It’s hardly the worst movie I have ever seen but it is extremely uninteresting with no one to route for. I would say pass this one up, even if you are a bad movie fan.


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