Black Belt Jones

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Black Belt Jones is the kind of movie that inspired Black Dynamite.  Unlike a lot of Blaxspolitation movies, Black Belt Jones doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously. It stars Jim “The Dragon” Kelly who is the black guy from Enter the Dragon. The story is pretty simple. The Italian mafia wants a karate studio owned by Papa Byrd, played by Scatman Crothers. The city plans on building a civic center on the propriety so the mafia uses local gangster Pinky to get the propriety from Papa Byrd. Well, they kill him. And this brings in Black Belt Jones. He has to bring down the mob and Pinky to save the students of the karate studio and Papa Bryd’s daughter. Black Belt Jones also works with the CIA or FBI or some kind of government agency.

Black Belt Jones is entertaining for so many reasons that unless I do a complete  scene by scene dissertation of the movie, it would be hard to explain why. The dialogue is clunky and random but delivered in such a way that you can’t help but laugh. There are all the outdated elements of 70’s blaxsploitation that make those movies so much fun. Jim Kelly is a pretty good martial artists and the fight scenes are well done for the most part. However, every move is accented with such intense sound effects, you can’t help but laugh. The funny moments in the fight scenes seem to be intentional, like the stirring conclusion that takes place in a car wash covered in soap foam. The acting is either dead pan or melodramatic depending on who is on the scene at the moment. Jim Kelly doesn’t seem to get to emotional in his delivery. It really is something you have to experience. To the credit of the film makers, there aren’t a lot of the hilarious film making errors you find in similar movies.  You don’t see the boom pole in every other scene or crew members wandering into the background. Black Belt Jones has the appearance of a professionally made movie. However, the acting and dialogue really make it the campy, bad movie that Black Belt Jones was.

I highly recommend this movie. Literally, it’s comedic genius if only it was meant to be. If you saw Black Dynamite and liked it, you should really watch this movie to see where they got their inspiration for that movie. If your a fan of bad movies, this one should be right up your alley as well. I would say most movie goers can get some enjoyment out of this movie. There is a lot of enjoyable action and a lot of good laughs. Who doesn’t like that? Now let’s all go to McDonalds!


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