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With a name like Sharktopus, you know kind of what you’re getting. It’s not going to be Citizen Kane. It’s not even going to be Jaws. Arguably, it’s not even Devil Fish, the movie its allegedly a remake of.  Devil Fish was featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Sharktopus has certain similarities. But unlike Devil Fish, this movie isn’t trying to be too serious. The effects, acting, and title all indicate that this was just suppose to be a fun movie, good for a laugh and not much more.

As the story often goes, a US government contractor has genetically engineered a half shark, half octopus. While testing it out, Shaktopus breaks free from its restraints and kills several people before fleeing into Mexican waters. Puerta Vearta (sp?) to be specific. A scientist played by Eric Roberts has engineered Sharkatopus along with this daughter and he wants Sharkaopus back alive. He hires Andy Flynn who likes “cheap booze and cheap women.” It becomes obvious early on that Sharktopus won’t be brought back alive. Sustained machine gun fire won’t kill it.  Nikki, the scientists daughter, falls in love with Andy. They figure out a way to reprogram the dna of Sharktopus.

Really, not a lot happens in this movie. My limited plot synopsis really covers most of the major points.  The government is angry Sharktopus is on the loose, Eric Roberts wants him alive, he can’t be brought back alive on under control. Andy and Nikki have a love story. A reporter and her cameraman get footage of Sharktopus and want more to make their career. There is a Wolfman Jack/Jimmy Buffet hibred who runs a pirate radio station in Mexico and he gets killed by Sharktopus. And there are a string of random characters who get killed by Sharktopus. Most of the movie is random characters getting killed by Sharktopus. That’s what this movie is really about. At its heart it’s a slasher film.

The CGI effects are really bad. Sharktopus looks absolutely silly. What they did with it though was genius. They played up the bad effects and let it set a tone for the movie. Sharktopus isn’t meant to be taken seriously. Even the name is kind of funny when you hear it. After a while you can tell they were having fun with it. Obviously they didn’t have the budget for more convincing computer effects. So instead they play it up for comedy. I think it works very well. The whole movie is tongue in cheek. Its a bad movie that is meanted to be bad. The CGI really drives that point home.

I liked Sharktopus. The acting is lacking but it kind of feels like it was meant to be. Same thing with the CGI. The dialogue is odd in a funny way.  Every time you see Sharktopus you can’t help but laugh. And so long as this movie was made to be a comedy, which I think it was, it is an effective comedy. The random kills are outrageous and funny.  There is also a little bit of dramatic tension. I wondered how they would kill or subdue Sharktopus. It seemed like they exhausted all the logical solutions.


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  • 1. Tony Trentin  |  December 17, 2011 at 12:39 am

    I spent a good chunk of time trying to figure out what the Flynn character was supposed to be good at. The best I came up with is “fast swimmer”.


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