Halloween Horrors 50 for 31: Dr. Jekyll and the Werewolf

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Maybe trying to watch 50 movies in 31 days was a bit much. So I will have to revisit the Pure Terror box set next October.  These movies are a tough sit. Not hard to believe considering half the movies are poorly dubbed Spanish horror movies. And for our conclusion it only makes sense that we have a Spanish horror film. And this one stars Spanish John Belushi from Horror Rises from the Tomb. Apparently he is a well respected actor in Spain, making movies all the way up to last year.

This is a pretty simple concept and I was worried at first that they screwed it up. We start with no credits or any kind of set up. Some rich people are sitting around talking. You’re dropped right in without warning. A couple has just got married and they are going to Transylvania for their honey moon. So off they go to Transylvania. They get robbed by some highway robber and the husband gets murdered. Justine, the wife, is about to get raped when she is saved by Waldemar. Apparently this is the sixth in the Waldemar series of movies. The highway robbers don’t like their rape attempt being interrupted so they are going after Waldemar. What they don’t know is he is a werewolf. So he murders them while in wolf form.  Justine is grateful Waldemar saved her and she knows just the person to cure him of his affliction. Waldemar doesn’t really feel like leaving Spain until the villagers all get together to finish him off. Now London doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.

So it’s a Spanish Werewolf in London and only the great grandson of Dr. Jekyll can cure him. Dr. Jekyll plans on turning Waldemar into Mr. Hyde, which will over take his werewolf nature. Then he will use his Mr. Hyde cure to completely cure Waldemar. Dr. Jekyll feels kind of conflicted since he loves Justine. When Waldemar is a cured, she plans on being with him. Meanwhile, lab assistant Sandra loves Dr. Jekyll. She loves him so much she stabs him in the back for not loving her in return. So she makes tentative plans with Mr. Hyde, setting him free. Shockingly, Mr. Hyde betrays her, killing her and going out for a night on the town. While at the disco, the Mr. Hyde formula fails and Waldemar turns into a werewolf. It is pretty funny to see a werewolf go wild at the disco. Dr. Jekyll gives Justine a way to stop Waldemar before he dies. A silver bullet. Justine is too cowardly to pull the trigger. That is until she gets mauled by him. Then she uses the last of her energy to shoot Waldemar in the back. Thus ending the Waldemar series.

This reminds me of Reservoir Dogs. Not so much in dialogue or story but in that all of the plans fail and everyone dies. These movie seems kind of pointless in the end. Everyone died for no reason. Turning a werewolf into Mr Hyde doesn’t seem like a wise plan. It seems like trying to cure herpes with chlamydiae. Like most Spanish horror movies, the dubbing is terrible. Spanish John Belushi had a lot of fun playing Mr. Hyde. It makes me wish he had more sense as Mr. Hyde. It may have been a better movie. As it stands now, its just a kind of silly movie that fails to live up to it’s premise.


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