Halloween Horrors 50 for 31: The Manster

October 22, 2011 at 11:28 pm Leave a comment

The Manster is the worst kind of movie. Not poorly done. Not poorly acted. But not good either. This move brought my reviews for Halloween to a grinding haul. I had to watch it three times to stay away. When I finally sat through the whole thing, the only conclusion I could come to is The Manster is incredibly boring.

The story has been told numerous times before. A mad scientist turns a man into a monster and the monster goes on a killing spree. This time the mad scientist in is post war Japan. The man being turned into a monster is reporter Larry. This is an American/Japanese co-production and they were able to find quite a few actors who could speak English and Japanese very well. This mad scientist starts out experimenting on his wife, which goes horribly wrong.  So then he experiments on his brother. In the opening scene his brother, who is a man in an ape costume, kills some women. So the doctor kills him by throwing him into a fire pit. Next up on the experiment table is Larry the report. He invites Larry over promising a story but instead gets him drunk and lets him have his way with some women. While drunk he injects Larry was something.  That injection turns him into Manster. Half man, half monster. Really, he just becomes really hairy and grows a second head. Numerous women get killed until everyone figures out Larry is the monster. Larry leads the authorities, whom chase him in a fashion not unlike the villagers in Frankenstein, to the mad Japanese scientist. The Mad Scientist realizes that making monsters doesn’t do the world any good. So he gives Larry a cure but also gives himself something that turns him into Manster. In the dramatic conclusion, Larry throws Manster off a cliff.

There is one good scene where the Scientist pours his heart out to his mutated wife before killing her. It really is quite nice. But not nice enough to make this movie interesting. Not bad enough for bad movies fans and not good enough for anyone else, Manster is a dime a dozen monster flick from the late 50’s. What I don’t get is what do these mad scientists hope to accomplish by turning people into wolf men or Manster. They don’t make good soldiers so you can’t make an army of them to conquer the world. You can’t monetize the procedure in the private sector for profit. Governments won’t be interested in it. I guess that’s what makes them mad scientists.


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