Halloween Horrors 50 for 31: Blood Sabbath

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Blood Sabbath is one movie I feel uncomfortable reviewing. I am inclined to just call it a porn and be done with it.  Much of the movie has topless or stark naked women walking around. However, they don’t do much more than dance. There is no sex. In fact, the only intimacy involves two people with all their clothes on.  The story, such as it is, really feels more like a fairy tale than anything. Blood Sabbath is really a fantasy love story with naked witches. More remarkable, the movie was directed by a woman, Brianne Murphy. So for all my feminist friends who complain that women never get directing opportunities or want to complain about exploitation of women in cinema, I give to you Blood Sabbath.

David, played by soap opera star Anthony Geary, has just returned from war and is tired from all he has seen. He wanders the countryside just trying to find some peace. He comes across some naked hippies whom he runs from because they try to rob him. He gets knocked out and is taken in by mountain man, Lonzo. He nurses David back to health and David takes a walk to clear his head. He runs into water nymph, Yyalah, and falls head over heels for her. However, she lives in this fantasy world and has no soul. David does have a soul so they can’t be together. So the obvious solution is for David to lose his soul.

While all this is taking place, a witch queen Alotta demands young women from the village whoms soul she can take then make run around naked with the rest of her witches. Lonzo explains all of this to David and he sees this as an opportunity. Lonzo warns him that it is not worth it and he should just forget about Yyalah. David appeals to his humanity and says its more important to spare the child. Alotta is more than happy to take David’s soul instead of the child but she has conditions. If Yyalah leaves him he has to come back to Alotta.

David runs down the hill to show Yyalah he has no soul. I was positive she would be horrified by all of this but she is totally on board with David giving his soul to a witch. They romp in the fields and in the water, doing what lovers do. Everything should  be fine except that David inexplicably participates in a blood sacrifice with the witches.  They have to sacrifice a girl because the local priest wouldn’t sleep with her. Yyalah is horrified by this and runs off. David wants her back so Alotta tells him to bring her the head of the priest and he will get Yyalah back. Yyalah tries to warn Lonzo about this but its too late. The long and the short of it is Lonzo gets killed by Yyalah, the witch gets killed by David. David heads back to “his world” but gets run over by the hippies from earlier in the film. Now, for some reason, he can be with Yyalah and they live happily ever after.

You see what I mean when I say the story is similar to a fairy tale. You have evil witches, forbidden lovers, villagers, and a more or less happy ending. It may have been a fine movie without all the naked women, human sacrifice, and bad acting. I watched this movie by accident. Don’t make the same mistake. It’s too artsy to be porn and not classy enough to be art.


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