Halloween Horrors 50 for 31: The Thirsty Dead

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Imagine a Star Trek TOS episode without Kirk, Spock, Scotty, or Bones. That is pretty close to what you have with The Thirsty Dead. The music, the sets, acting, camera work, cinematography, and costumes are all reminiscent of the original Star Trek. The story doesn’t seem too far off from an episode.  With all the padding, the running time could have filled out an episodes run time. The revaluation I have come to is that show would have been really boring without Captain Kirk.

The story is barebones simple and I really wonder if they needed an hour and a half for this movie. In the jungles of the Philippines is a cult who kidnaps young women from bars in Manila.   They drink the blood of the young women to keep young forever. They don’t drink all their blood though. When the women get too old they lock them up to become cave dwellers.  Laura is kidnapped by the cult and then is given an invitation to join them because she looks like someone from a painting. They even talk to a head in a jello mold to ask if she is worthy. The cults leader, Baru, seems to be in love with Laura. She turns them down and they don’t much like that. So Laura leads some of the girls to escape. After a botched escape attempt Baru helps them escape. A rebellion by the cave dwellers gives them cover to do so. They get past a certain point in the jungle and Baru begins to age quickly. The girls escape but the authorities can’t confirm her story. Oh well.

It’s not that bad of a movie. If you took out the filler, it might even be watchable. The problem is, large portions of this movie are just people walking. Walking through caves, underground passages, or the jungle. Half this movie, at least, is made up of people sneaking through hallways or being lead through hallways. The conclusion did have some tension. The cult was menacing, even if their costumes were a bit silly. I had a hard time staying awake though due to the long, padded out, walking sequences. I have a hard time recommending the movie unless you are really patient.


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