Halloween Horrors 50 for 31: Amazing Transparent Man

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Finally, I get to a movie that was featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000. I do believe them when they say they only touch the tip of the ice berg on bad movies. Because compared to a lot of what I have seen, this movie wasn’t that bad. Certainly it makes little sense and has a paper thin plot. But at least it was short. Amazing Transparent Man is only an hour.

The movie is about an escaped convict named Faust, whom is brought in by a retired Major, a mysterious woman, and a German scientist. They plan on turning him into an invisible man in order to steal nuclear material. He plans on using this skill to rob banks.  Now that hardly sounds like enough to cover an hour movie but at least you have two sides pitted against each other but somehow working together with clear goals. It’s not really hard to understand what is going on here and everything seems to follow a logical flow. However, the story arch and character arches are all flat.

Faust pretty much starts out as a surly, escaped con who is motivated by money. After he suddenly turns visible turning a bank robbery and is found out, he is still a surly escaped con who is motivated by money. There is a little bit of a change in that he wants to stop Major Krenner  from experimenting on anyone else.  Other than that, he never really becomes a likable character. Major Krenner is motivated by one thing all movie, the creation of an invisible army. He had better hope none of those guys start questioning their mission and go rouge.  Laura, the mysterious woman seems to just be there to facilitate whoever offers her the best deal. She seems to have a soft spot for Faust but it’s hard to tell if she is sincere or just likes that he can make more money quicker with the invisibility ability. The Doctor is reluctant about his experiments because he saw the Germans misuse his science before. But he had no choice then and he has no choice now. Pretty much every character stays the course which results in an entire county in Texas getting nuked. In the end, the Doctor, whom is the only survivor, looks directly at the camera and asks “What would you do?” I can tell you what I would no. Not create invisible men. As fun as being invisible would be, I can’t see one positive benefit to mankind for having bands of invisible people running around. Seems like it would be too easily used for evil.

Amazing Transparent Man is pretty standard for 50’s nuclear age Sci-Fi. Nuclear energy can do all kinds of wondrous things like turn people invisible. There is heavy use of stock footage. The movie is slowed down by explaining technobable. It’s cheaply made, with a small cast and only a handful of locations. And in the end, they think they are being clever with social commentary that seems out of place in a goofy Sci-Fi movie. If you must watch this, watch the MST3K version. There is a hilarious short before hand and it’s just a much more enjoyable viewing experience.


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