Halloween Horrors 50 for 31: Horror Rises from the Tomb

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It’s been too long since I’ve seen a 1970’s Spanish horror movie. Used to be I would watch one of these a week. Not because I’m a fan but because they were half the movies available on You Tube. This has some of the same elements as others I have seen. The cinematography is dark and grainy. No so much to create an atmosphere but the budget was probably so low that they didn’t bother to hire someone who could shoot the movie properly. The voice over dubbing loses a lot of the feeling of the performance so it’s hard to judge the acting. There are elements of gothic horror.

For some reason, a group of rich people are getting into the occult. They visit with a medium and find out that a witch and warlock where brutally executed on the property of a guy who looks like Spanish John Belushi. His buddy happens to be Spanish young Burt Reynolds. So they take their lady friends and go out to the cabin for the weekend to find out more about this witch and warlock.

They get near their destination when their car is shot by highway robbers. Fortunately, vigilante justice is alive and well in rural France. So the group witnesses the highway robbers being strung up from a tree for attempted robbery. The vigilante’s are even kind enough to sell them a car.

They are strained now because apparently there are no gas stations in rural France. Yes, we have Spaniard’s playing Frenchmen. So how the groundskeeper and his two daughters have lived out at this  country home for so long with four days of provisions is beyond me.  Spanish John Belushi has a considerable estate and enough wealth to hire a couple people from a near by village to help dig up the body of the warlock. We also learn that he had something going on with one of the groundskeepers daughters in his younger days.  Her name is Elivira and while she is a main character, we don’t meet her until half way through the movie and I’m hard pressed to tell you anything about her. Other than she is very cute.

They find a treasure chest buried near some ruins. After struggling to open the chest the decision is made to open it in the morning. But the hired hands decided they were going to take the treasure for themselves. All they find is a head. The head hypnotizes one of the robbers to kill his buddy and the groundskeeper with a sickle. While he is at it he kills the daughter who is not a main character and kidnaps both of the girlfriends. Well, the blonde one was more hypnotized than kidnapped but you get the point.   The dark haired girlfriend, and they only say these girls name once and they have almost no character traits so I can only describe them by their hair color. Well, the dark haired one is turned into the witch once they reattach the head to the warlock. Now that they are restored, they brainwash Spanish Burt Reynolds.  It’s down to Elvira and Spanish John Belishi. They kind a tailsmen that will protect them from the witch and the warlock. The warlock tries to brainwash Elvira but sees the tailsman and disappears into the night.

Warlocks next plan is to turn all the people he has recently killed into zombies and send them to kill Spanish Belushi and Elvira. A shotgun doesn’t stop them because we are playing by Final Fantasy zombie rules where they are weak against fire. Also I don’t think they could afford decent gun shot effects. So fire takes care of the undead. However, Spanish Belushi isn’t able to get into the crypt to take care of the Warlock because the Warlock laughs at him. Pretty much they walk into the crypt, he lets out a creepy laugh, and they run. Way to give up easy. So it’s somewhat a stalemate. The Warlock can’t get after them because of the tailsman and they can’t get to him because he’s scary and stuff.

The Warlock uses Spanish Burt Reynolds to get their trust. Even though he is obviously under some kind of control, they trust him completely. He stands there stiff as a board, droning out his lines, and they think he is completely normal. So Spanish Belushi has some kind of plan and takes Spanish Burt with him to fish something out of a pond, that will help, somehow. He leaves the tailsman with Elivira because nothing bad can happen when they split up. Well, Spanish Burt shoots Spanish Belushi twice with the shotgun. Now he is going after Elvira but one touch of the tailsman makes him foam at the mouth and breaks the brainwashing.

Spanish Burt feels bad for all he has done so he is going to help Elvira with the Warlock problem. Meanwhile, the Warlock sends blonde after Spanish Burt.Well, touching her with the tailsman kills her. Now they need to kill the Witch and the Warlock. The witch catches a silver pin to the heart, which apparently kills witches. This weakens the Warlock to the point where she can put the tailsman on his forehead, causing it to fall off and thus end the movie.

This was a tough watch. As always with dubbed movies unless there is a lot of action or Jackie Chan stunts, the performance is lost in translation. It looks like they did the best with what they had. But unless your someone who likes these kind of movies, I can’t really recommend this for anyone. It’s not bad enough for bad movie fans and its not good enough for anyone else.


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