Halloween Horrors 50 for 31: Double Exposure

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Watching 50 movies in 31 days is no easy task. Especially when you have to watch a movie three times just to form a proper opinion on it.  I’m still not sure what is my problem with Double Exposure.  The acting isn’t bad. The film is well made. Some of the kills are fairly clever. The story, while hardly groundbreaking, is fine for an early 80’s slasher film. However, I felt bored watching this movie. So much so that I fell asleep three  times while watching it.

Adrian Wilde is a photographer. While his waking life seems to be somewhat normal, he has dreams about killing his models. He tells his psychiatrist and brother about these dreams. Then the models end up getting killed in the same way that he dreamed, leading Adrian to believe he is the killer.  As a backdrop to this, he has started dating a woman named Mindy. It seems like a ideal relationship, aside of Adrian having some commitment issues. And as a third story, two completely stock and ineffective police detectives try to track down who is killing all these women in Los Angeles. Their part in the movie is small, thankfully.

Michael Callan plays the role of photographer who is slowly coming apart at the seams very well. He has a lot of good scenes and there is a definitive arch to his character.  All of the evidence points to him as the killer so obviously he is not. You need a twist, after all. His brother, BJ, was played well also. He is a stunt driver who is missing an arm and a leg. BJ isn’t exactly subtle but he is a well developed risk taking, unbalanced, brash, asshole. There is even a bit part played by a hooker who gets strangled in an alley that is well done. She was having a lot of fun with her limited role and came across believable. We even get a bit part from pre-Saturday Night Live Victoria Jackson. The police detectives were the only roles I found unconvincing and I blame that on their clunky dialogue. They talk in a way that only the most stereotypical police in movies talk. But surely they didn’t ruin an otherwise good movie. So what sunk this movie?

The story, as I have already laid out in basic terms, isn’t bad but it’s paced horribly. In any slasher film, you expect them to take time out to add to the body count. This movie is no different. Although we are lead to believe Adrian is the killer. So by the time the third model gets killed you start to wonder why these women agree to work with him. The kills do take a while to set up and lose any suspension after the first couple. One that is noteworthy, he has a woman put her head in a trash bag and throws a rattlesnake in the bag with her, then ties the bag around her head. It’s ends up being kind of funny.  Another example of the pacing is the long sequences they spend in sex clubs. They are ten minute sequences at least that establish very little.

What I don’t get is how a movie that has so much going for it can be so boring. The acting is good. Double Exposure is well made. The premise is somewhat thin. The few effects there are were done well. I think that the problem is it’s just adequate. There was nothing that stood out or was particularly memorable. You could certainly watch worse movies but this isn’t on I can recommend. There isn’t anything in Double Exposure that will leave any kind of impression.


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