Pumpkinhead 4: Blood Feud

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I’d like to speak to you today about a problem infecting cinema to its very core. Whether it be mainstream or independent film, this epidemic must be stopped. I’d like to urge producers, directors, casting directors, and agents to insist that only authentic Southerns be used to play Southern roles. Many fine actors from states like South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi are capable of playing your bit parts and leading roles. They have authentic Southern accents thus your movie won’t be completely laughable when Yankees, Canadians, and Scotsmen attempt a Southern accent. In the name of preserving peace within the Union and lending credibility to you’re movies, hear my plea and only hire real Southerns to play Southern roles. Thank you.

Pumpkinhead 4: Blood Feud has a tag line that actually has something to do with the movie. We see Pumpkinhead get involved in a few between the Hatfields and the McCoys. I wonder if this would work for other horror franchises. Can you imagine Chucky or Leprechaun chasing around the Hatfields and McCoys?  Ricky McCoy loves Jodie Hatfield. Can you see a problem here? Well, while they slip away from their respective clans for some love making, Ricky’s sister Sarah looks out for anyone who may come looking for them. A group of Hatfield’s show up and Sarah gets killed. This leads Ricky to seek out an old witch who can call Pumpkinhead to take revenge on anyone who you feel has done you wrong. Well, Ricky asks for all of the Hatfield’s except for Jodie to be killed.

Lance Hendriksen returns in his role as Ed Harley from the first Pumpkinhead. He died in that movie so he is a ghost who shows up to talk with the witch and warn the main characters about what they must do.  He is really good, even though his role is just a glorified cameo. He is only here so fans of the first movie have something they can relate to. But he does a really good job in the role. In the first movie, Ed Harley’s young son is killed in an accident by some city folk. So he goes to the witch to ask her to call Pumkinhead. He really does seem tortured by that decision. He is an Earthbound spirit, forbidden from passing on and seeing his son. So Ed has taken it has his job to warm people to not call Pumpkinhead or to try to reason with the witch.

The story is pretty simple but exactly what is called for in a slasher film. In a film like this the goal is to tie it to the franchise to entertain the fans and to create a large body count for slasher movie fans. And Pumpkinhead 4 does that. There is a lot of good kills. Pumpkinhead looks fairly decent when he isn’t a CGI creature. Thankfully, the budget it so low that they could only have CGI Pumpinhead in a few scenes. Keeping it simple is important for a movie  like this. When they try to get cute in horror movies and build complex stories to go along with their slasher films. The story is paced well. The characters are mostly redneck meat bags up for the chopping block. They are what you expect from a movie about the Hatfield’s and McCoys.

I know this doesn’t sound like a ringing endorsement but this wasn’t a bad movie. It’s about on the level with Road House. It’s easy to watch, fairly enjoyable by slasher film standards, fairly well made on every level. The only thing that really bothered me about the film was the accents. The actors are anything but Southern. The only one who pulls off the Southern accent is Lance Hendriksen. One of the Hatfields is obviously some form of European. I suspect a Scotsmen. The movie was apparently done in Romania but it pretty much looked like the deep South. Pumpkinhead 4 is worth watching if your looking for a short and simple slasher film. It’s not must-see material but it’s a fine movie, especially for free.



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