Wheels on Meals

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Now this is more like it. After witnessing The Karate Kid remake, I needed to see Jackie Chan more like how I remember him. And one could not ask for a better example of a Jackie Chan movie pre-Chris Tucker than Wheels on Meals.  Slapstick comedy, top notch fight choreography, amazing stunt work, and non stop action.

Wheels on Meals at first seems like two different movies melded into one. On one hand you have Thomas and David, i.e Jackie Chan and Yuen Biao. So Jackie Chan and his cousin operate a lunch wagon in Spain. On the other hand, you have our director Sammo Hung playing a newly crowned private directive who needs to find a girl and has very few leads to work with. These two stories don’t enter-twine until 40 minutes into the movie. Jackie Chan and his buddy meet a girl named Slyvia while visiting Buddy’s dad at an insane asylum. She is something of a con artist and pick pocket, stealing cars and money, using her looks to get by. AND DO I MEAN LOOKS. WOW! She looks incredible.  Anyway, she was left on her own at a young age and got by the best she could without resorting to prostitution. When she sees that Jackie and Buddy want to help her earn an honest living, they give her a job at their lunch truck. Meanwhile, she is being chased by thugs but we aren’t sure way. In the other story, Sammo Hung is a bumbling detective who is doing his best to find a girl his client is looking for. Sammo Hung was put in charge of a private detective agency after his boss skips town for owning too many people too much money. So he uses the few connects he has to track down the girl he is looking for. Which just happens to be Slyvia. So Sammo Hung, Jackie, and Buddy all keep her safe from the thugs who are pursuing her, resulting in a lot of hilarity. Turns out Slyvia is the illegitimate daughter of a Count whom recently died. If she steps forward,  she will get a big inheritance.  The thugs chasing her are working for another count who will get the money if she doesn’t step forward in 14 days. Well, she gets captured and its up to Jackie and crew to save her.

My description doesn’t give justice to just how entertaining this movie is. The comedy is crisp. The action is exciting. Even for a dubbed movie, it’s really funny. The jokes work well and the voice acting was pretty decent. There isn’t much more I can say without reciting all the jokes or spoiling the movie.

This movie gets my highest recommendation. It works as a martial arts movie. It works as a comedy. It’s a pretty well told story. The action and stunt work is top notch. Of all the movies I have watched on  You Tube, this is easily the best and most entertaining. The last movie I liked this much that I watched on You Tube’s free movie service was Bloody Mallory, a dubbed French comedy/horror movie. It seems like the only entertain movies on there are foreign comedies. Anyway, I recommend watching this, which you can do for free at the link below.



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