Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger Part 4

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Right from the start you know you’re in trouble when the movie tells you your an idiot for watching the previous two movies. I thought part 2 was ok. No matter, the movie actually starts with the back story to Toxic Avenger part 1 then it claims the other two movies never happened. I kind of felt insulted by their dismissal of the other movies. As if they were laughing at me for being dumb enough to watch the other movies. Thanks a lot guys.

Citizen Toxie does seem in some ways to be a more authentic sequel though. In terms of how it was shot and how Toxie acts, it follows the first movie more closely than parts 2 or 3. What this movie seems to be about is cameos. Lots and lots of cameos. Lemmy from Motorhead, Hank the Angry Drunk Dwarf from Howard Stern, Ron Jeremy, and so many more. I’m not sure Randy and Jason Sklar were well known enough yet to qualify as a cameo but I found them to be the most enjoyable part of the movie. According to the credits, Eli Roth was in the movie too. I am too lazy to bother checking if it was THE Eli Roth or A Eli Roth. I could take a shallow pot shot at Eli Roth at this point of the review but I actually have nothing against the guy. So if you hate his movies, insert your own joke here because this movie was fucking horrible! Roth at his worst looks like an Oscar winner compared to this.

Citizen Toxie is completely in bad taste.  Most Troma movies are but usually its kind of funny. In this movie, it just came off as gross and out of line. Most movies come from some kind of creative center or part of the soul. Citizen Toxie comes from the most hateful part of the soul. Immediately, this movie picks on special needs people. Classy. They are having a take a Mexican to school day at the Special Needs School. So they are mocking the mentally challenged and Mexican culture all in one scene. Then, they bring in Columbine style killers to terrorize the school.  Oh, it doesn’t stop there. If that laugh riot doesn’t get you going, they mock AIDS, rape, drug addiction, and Stephen Hawkins! Oh, no one gets spared by this movie. The laughs are few and far between. Same for the good gore and action scenes. I understand pushing the envelop but it works a lot better when you have a point. Its not any kind of clever satire on controversial topics.  They just use controversal topics for cheap gags that aren’t particularly funny. The most clever it gets are the segments with Randy and Jason Sklar mocking the news media, which was very well done. I’m convinced that was all done adlib or they wrote those segments themselves.

After the Special Needs School blows up, Toxie is sent to an alternate universe and the alternate universe version of Toxie is sent to Tromaville. Toxie’s evil twin, Noxie immediately wrecks havok on Tromaville, going so far as to rape Toxie’s wife along with a crack head lesbian. Not since Last House on the Left has rape been so funny. Toxie is sent to an evil version of Tromaville where he is recognized as a crime lord.  Toxie has to set things somewhat right and get back to Tromaville to fix the mess Noxie is creating. That’s it. I will say this movie is paced a lot better than the other movies. Things move along pretty fast. Not a lot of time is wasted. It didn’t seem like a long movie at all.

Why is this movie called Citizen Toxie? Because there is exactly one scene, which could have easily been cut out of the movie because it doesn’t serve any purpose, that parodies Citizen Kane. It’s not even that clever a parody. And with this, the Toxic Avenger franchise whimpers out and dies. A shell of its former shelf. Not clever, not entertaining, worse special effects than the first, worse action than the first, more gratuitous nudity though.  Just a hollowed out husk of a movie. At the end of the movie, I just didn’t care and was glad it was over. Now they want to do a remake. And I really don’t care. Just watch the first movie if you really want to see the Toxic Avenger.


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