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Grass Battle Video

This is a video that me and some friends shot for a contest on Spoony . ¬†Unfortunately, I couldn’t get it posted under the deadline to qualify but I am still putting it out there to get some feedback on my work. Any comments are very welcome.


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Results of a recent fantasy football draft.

Here are the screenshots for a draft I was part of. It was pretty strange in terms of the order in which everyone drafted.

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Jason Goes To Hell: The “Final” Friday

The third review in a row of a movie that could be considered a franchise killer. That was not by design, I swear. Jason Goes To Hell and takes the franchise with him at least for a while.

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Jaws The Revenge

It would be comedic genius if it were went to be.

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Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger Part 4

At least it has the Sklar Brothers….

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