The Toxic Avenger Part 3

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Toxic Avenger Part 3 makes no sense because of one major thing. It’s after Toxic Avenger Part 2. And it’s the Toxic Avenger. At the end of Toxie Part 2, he takes down the Apocalypse corporation, making Tromaville a nice place to live again. In this one, he gets a job with the Apocalypse corporation, seemingly unaware of who they are and what they do. That is impossible. Either the last movie didn’t happen, which the recap at the beginning of the movie tells us it did or someone messed up hardcore when they thought of this movie.

I would say that this should be part 2 and the other one should have been part 3 but I didn’t make these movies, someone else did. I’m pretty sure they were made at the same time. Whoever was in charge messed up the order in which these movies were suppose to be released. Toxie already know who Apocalypse are and that they are evil. Why would he join them now? It makes no sense.

This movie suffers from the same flaw as the previous 2. Pacing. These movies move slow. It takes a long time to get from one place to another. But unlike the other movies that were drawn out by long fight scenes, this one is drawn out by reiterating the same information over and over again. The plot of Toxie selling out is interesting for the most part, but it takes forever. The movie could have been a half hour shorter by cutting out all the redundant scenes. Also there is a whole anti-capitalist theme to the movie. Kind of funny considering Troma is about as capitalistic as you can get. It’s not like the government makes us buy and watch these movies.  The Toxic Avenger just isn’t the right place for biting, left wing political satire. Sure, he has a vague political message already being the Toxic Avenger but most of the creditably from that got spent in the first movie where he going on a violent rampage arguably worse than the villains of that movie. There are pretty places to get lectured to that making money is bad than a comedy/horror movie.

On the plus side, he spends the last 40 or so minutes fighting the devil. Nothing wrong with that. Until we get to the very end. Toxie gets turned back into Melvin. His girlfriend is made blind again. She grabs a shotgun and starts firing  Then, out of no where, she teleports across town. Finds the contract that Toxie sign, then brings it back to show him there is an escape clause. In the end Toxie wins pretty much because of an act of God.  If left to his own devices, he would have lost. It might be a cheap cop out, but its worth it to see Toxie peel the devils flesh off in front of a crowd of onlookers. Oh and while Toxie is fighting the devil, they make what has to be a Superman 4 reference that is the one great laugh of the movie. The devil recklessly drives a school bus full of children around a town picnic, causing all sorts of mass destruction. Toxie just stands there screaming ” No, not the children, Stop it.” If you haven’t seen Superman 4, I believe this is a direct reference to Superman’s first “fight” with Nuclear Man, where Nuclear Man causes mayhem in downtown Metropolis and Superman just stands there throwing a hissy fit.

All in all, its like the other movies in that either you will like it or you won’t. I didn’t care for this one compared to the others. The continuity errors are just too much to ignore. It also wasn’t as funny as the other movies. I can’t really put my finger on it but something about this whole movie just isn’t right when watching it in sequence with the other films. Better luck in part 4, I guess.


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