The Toxic Avenger Part 2

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The Toxic Avenger Part 2 picks up sometime after the first one ends. They walk us through the origin story a couple times through the movie so if you missed the first one, they’ll help you out. The first thing you will notice is that he is referred to as Toxie or the Toxic Avenger, unlike the previous movie were he was just the Monster Hero. Another thing you will notice is Toxie’s voice is kind of different. In the previous movie, he had some bass in his voice, sounding a lot like what you would think a super hero would sound like. In this movie, he sounds chipper. Much of the movie is explained in narration done by Toxie. It’s a funny juxtaposition. On one hand, he brutally murders criminals, tearing limbs off and crushing skulls. On the other hand, he is a happy-go-lucky fellow with a lot of emotional problems. You see, in this movie Toxie has completely cleaned up Tromaville and doesn’t have anymore crime to fight. That leaves him severely depressed.

So an evil corporation takes advantage of his depressing, getting to his psychiatrist to inform him that his dad is in Japan. So Toxie goes to Japan to find his long lost father, gets into misadventures along the way, and takes in the sights. Meanwhile, the evil corporation moves in and destroys Tromaville. These people are even more sadistic than the criminals in the first movie.  Its not enough to bully people, they insist on owning them, complete with forced tattoos to the forehead. Toxie comes back, saves the day, and Tromaville is once again a nice place to live for the little people.

Speaking of little people, I really liked one cameo in this movie done by The Haiti Kid. It was a little person/wrestler from the 1980’s. If you have seen Wrestlemania 3, you might remember him getting squashed by King Kong Bundy. He was also given a bad hair cut by Rowdy Roddy Piper for being Mr.T’s friend on Piper’s Pit. He gives Toxie a hard time but gets crushed in the end.

As for the rest of the movie, in someways its in the same spirit as the original. There is plenty of gore that would turn off most people. However, I feel like the first one was more graphic. Whereas the gore in this movie is more cartoony and slapstick.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Though, like the first one, this movie looks to be a lot more expensive than it probably was. Much of the movie was done in Japan, or a very convincing facsimile. There are also a good number of explosions.  Very well done and exciting explosions, which generally aren’t cheap to do for film.  Like the first movie, there is a fair amount of nudity. However, these movies break the rule of more nudity=shittier movie.

Where this movie has faults is pretty much the same as the last one too except a lot worse. The pacing can get grueling at moments. More than half of this movie is just Toxie’s Japanese Travel Log. Toxie is in Japan for a good reason, the evil corporation sent him there to trick him and use a substance on him that will kill him. If you want something made right, make it in Japan. The thing is, it takes Toxie forever to find his father. It’s funny at first to see Japanese people run from Toxie like he is Godzilla the first few times but its a joke that they overuse.  Everyone of the fight scenes are way too drawn out, sometimes  just for comic effect. It gets to be like a Bruce-sploitation film at moments with these long fight scenes. This movie could have been a half hour shorter than it was.

I liked this movie quite a bit. Again, its not a movie that is for everyone but its for me. I can even forgive the slow pacing. Its a funny movie with a lot of action that I found very enjoyable. It felt like it was an authentic sequel that fit well with the tone of the original. The Toxic Avenger Part 2 is a lot more true to the original than other film franchises which I am grateful for. Also I am grateful that they didn’t just make the same movie as the original. It definitely a different movie from the first.  If liked the original, you should like this one too.


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The Toxic Avenger Mega Man

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