Adventures of Galgameth

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First and foremost we here at A Guy A Girl and A Movie Review and Movie Project D would like to start off by saying that we have nothing against children films. I can accept that they aren’t made for us. While Izzy over at A Guy and a Girl watches more than her share of kids movies making sure that her girls are watching shows suitable for their age and maturity level. Naturally, the films we grew up with will have a certain nostalgic factor. But in reality, they weren’t any better or worse than movies that were made for kids of other generations, just different. Judging a film made for kids is tough. But there are some guidelines that I think need to be laid out. One, the movie can’t talk down to kids. I hate movies that act so immature that they insult not only my intelligence but also lack respect for children. Second, they have to have a good heart. A lot can be forgiven if a movie means well. Say what you will about the Ernest series of movies but they had heart and they came in peace. Ernest also falls into my third category; they have to be fun. This is completely subjective but if you had fun watching a movie that’s all that matters. That being said on to the review:

The Adventures of Galgameth walks a very fine line. A young prince gets a family heirloom that with his tears turns into a cute looking pocket monster (awww it’s a wute wittle charmander). When the Galgameth eats more metal he gets to the size of Godzilla. Being that a rival killed his father and the Prince was run out of the kingdom, this giant monster comes in handy. In the backdrop of this fight for the throne, is a territory that the Prince’s father promised freedom. El El, the evil henchmen who has taken over the kingdom, has denied the neighboring territory the slain King’s promise. So the Prince hides amongst the rebels, since all the evil El El has everything done in the name of the young King. (Bring me the head of Donald Duck as order of the King Devon) Galgameth keeps getting bigger with each sword and suit of armor he eats until he is big enough to take out an entire army.

On the positive side of things this movie doesn’t talk down to the audience. Even with a handful of annoying comic relief characters, the movie seems to take what is happening seriously and tries to hold dramatic tension. For 1996 and the obviously low budget, the special effects are ok. The film seems to mean well. It has a good heart to it and wants to tell a touching story.

The touching story they want to tell is ET: The Extraterrestrial. So much of this movie seems to be completely lifted from ET. The relationship between The Prince and Galgie is pretty much just like Elliot and ET. At one point, he dresses Galgie up like a girl to take him out in public without scaring people. Galgie also gets drunk because he accidently breaks open a keg at a pub and fixes the mess he creates, kind of like ET. I won’t spoil the end for you but it’s rather ET like mixed in with a little bit of Old Yeller.

My biggest complaint is that the story is very stock. There is so much we have seen before. The story is very predictable. At least the story is well structured, with all the act breaks and plot points. Better than a lot of the Youtube movies I have watched (and we mean a lot guys which is why I love my netflix account) that have no story structure or just meander. The pace is well if anything, its too well structured. You can set your watch to the plot points and act breaks of this movie. Right from the beginning, you know how it’s going to end.

A lot of this movie is hit and miss. Sometimes the acting is good; sometimes it’s bad. Sometimes the comic relief works; sometimes it makes you want to punch the annoying character in the face. Sometimes the special effects are well done, like when Galgie goes Super Sicyon and breathes fire. And sometimes he looks like a puppet in front of a green screen. The cannon they use in the movie is probably the worst special effect.

Adventures of Galgameth ends up being just average. Probably a little worse than Road House because Road House isn’t nearly as predictable. The movie does seem to go by quickly. It’s very cliché and predictable. But for a child who hasn’t seen as many movies as me, they would probably not know that and have a good time. The movie did a good job of not insulting the intelligence of the audience or talking down to the children. Whether or not it was fun is for you to decide. All I can say is I didn’t feel embarrassed to be watching it.


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