Black Cadillac

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Black Cadillac is loosely based off a real life experience that the director of Santa With Muscles had one night with his friends while driving from Wisconsin to Minnesota. But this is actually a pretty good movie, even with that less than inspiring description. Three guys from Minnesota have gone to Wisconsin to do some underage drinking. It starts out looking like a standard teen party movie. Then CJ, the cocky trouble maker of the group starts a fight and they are on the run. All of a sudden a mysterious black Cadillac starts following them. While getting stalked and rammed by the black Cadillac, the two brothers and their friend work out some of their unresolved issues and get philosophical. It ends up being very enjoyable and adds some depth to what would otherwise be a standard horror movie.

There is the aforementioned CJ. He can sometimes get a little too snarky but for the most part he is a pretty good character. He plans on going on some kind of tanker in the Great Lakes to do some work and find solitude. You get the sense that he and Scott have some unresolved sexual matters but that doesn’t end up being the case at all. Scott is Mr. Perfect. He’s going to Yale. He has never lost at anything in his life. Plus he has some manner of Wisconsin girlfriend who wants to come to Yale to be with him. Then there is Robbie. He is Scott’s brother. A wimpy virgin who really needs to stick up for himself.

I won’t spoil the plot because there are some twists and mysteries. Also, it’s well worth watching and I don’t want to ruin it for you.  The idea is they travel the back roads of Wisconsin on their way to Minnesota.  I guess the freeways were crowded at midnight. They are on and off pursued by a black Cadillac. Along the way they pick up a sheriff played by Randy Quaid. He does a pretty good job overall. The cop is pretty creepy and doesn’t seem all that worried about being rammed by a Cadillac. Things start getting really messed up and these guys go through hell being chased by this car.

It’s well written. The acting is good. The cinematography is well done. When it comes to a You Tube movies, Black Cadillac is a masterpiece. There is also some good stunt driving in the movie. I hope the makers of CGI street racer films are taking notes. Stunt drivers are far more exciting to watch than whatever you can make on a computer. It’s not flawless. There are a few parts where the ADR is obviously ADR. For those who might not know, ADR is dialog that is recorded after the film has been made and is inserted into the finished movie. Film makers do it all the time and most of the time, you don’t even notice. In Black Cadillac, there is one or two parts that the ADR sticks out like sore thumb. Thankfully, it is only a couple lines and doesn’t really ruin the movie.

I’m grateful that I found a decent movie on You Tube. Sometimes I lose hope with these movies and think that they dump every lousy direct to video movie on You Tube just to pick up a dollar or two in ad revenue. Black Cadillac gives me hope that they could be more watchable movies on here. I’ll put a link to the movie at the end of this blog entry. Check it out if you have a little time. It’s a decent, free movie and there is only one commercial break. It’s well worth the time you will invest.


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