Mountain Dew Vs Throwback

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Due to popular demand, I am posting a review of  a soda. This is going to take some master word smithing.  So I have purchased a 20 oz bottle of Mountain Dew and Mountain Dew Throwback. Let’s see what the difference is.

Throwback is a gimmick Pepsi is doing. They are making their sodas with REAL SUGAR! The idea is, this is suppose to be what soda tasted like back in the day. It’s an interesting concept. Throwbacks are a mixed bag. Somethings you get the Chargers powder blue jerseys and sometime you get the Broncos horrid looking high school jerseys.

In terms of nutritional facts, Throwback has slightly less grams of sugar. The only ingredients that are different is that Mountain Dew has high fructose corn syrup and Throwback as sugar. Everything else is pretty much the same.  When it comes to teeth rattling sugar drinks, I’m not sure nutrition is all that big a deal.

So I cracked open the regular Mountain Dew. It tastes like Mountain Dew. Very sweet. Very frizzy. It has that citrus taste that isn’t really a particular fruit, just citrus. I miss the Citrus Bowl.

Now the Mountain Dew Throwback. Its just as sweet as regular Mountain Dew. It doesn’t have quite the same citrus after taste. Another sip and it is reveal that there is definitely a hint of diet in there.

I let my tastebuds settle for a little while to reset themselves for round two. Throwback has an aftertaste that really sticks around, a lot more so than regular Mountain Dew. Even though I feel like calling it natural sugar, that would imply that its more sweet than regular Mountain Dew, which isn’t the case.  So Throwback tastes more like sugar but Regular is sweeter. That should be distrubing.

Round two.  This time the regular definitely seems to feel thicker. Definitely more sweet. And it has more of a fizz than the Throwback. I think I like regular better. Maybe because its what I am used to or maybe I just like highly possessed chemicals more than natural sugar.

Now for the Throwback. It tastes good. Although its not as thick. It’s not as sweet. It tastes a little like diet.  But its a lot better than diet. Although, similar to diet, the after taste lingers longer than it does for Regular.

I guess the last thing I can comment on is the label design. Regular Mountain Dew has the extreme lightening logo. There are greenish ice shards making up a mountain. This suggests that its not only cool, its also cold. Throwback has an interesting logo. Plain white with a hillbilly. The hillbilly has a jug of moonshine and the cork is shooting up through his hat. This drink either has a lot of caffeine or a lot of booze in it.

Ironically, I’m pretty sure Throwback has less caffeine than regular. Throwback is an interesting idea but I prefer the regular. Throwback isn’t bad. It’s just not that same.  If I am going to drink Mountain Dew, I want the real thing. I’m sure soda isn’t good for anyone with real sugar or corn syrup. I’m used to Mountain Dew the way it is and I’ll be stick with it that way.


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