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Blood of the Zombie

Disgusting in so many ways. Only the hardest core bad movie fan should watch this movie.


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Brian McNamara’s Dead of Winter

The Shinning on acid, kind of. Kids get high and lost in the woods. Sadly, Jason Vorhees isn’t there to greet them.

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Adventures of Galgameth

Liz and Mike team up again to tackle a children’s movie that is half ET and half Godzilla but takes places in the olden times.

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Black Cadillac

You know, there are freeways in Wisconsin. Just sayin’.

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Beverly Hills Vamp

A painfully unfunny vampire sex comedy starring a conservative radio talk show host.

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Mountain Dew Vs Throwback

A food review by popular demand.

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Rare Video Game Review: Mega Man 7

A video game review of a very disappointing entry into the Mega Man series that just about killed the franchise. Mega Man 7. We got Wolverine from the X-Men, Vampires, and Transformers. Ick.

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