Halloween Horrors: The Blob (1988)

November 1, 2009 at 7:39 pm Leave a comment

The last movie I watched Halloween night was something of a safe bet. I was tired of watching subpar movies so I figured I would go with something I knew was good. The Blob is a remake of a 50’s scifi/horror movie with the same title and premise. I haven’t seen the movie in nearly 20 years so I was interest to see what I would think now.

This is probably one of the few You Tube movies that I would say it as good if not a little better than Road House. The effects were good, story was good, performances were good. It’s just all around a good movie. Not to say it’s flawless. At the end of the day what you have is a red Blob eating an entire city. The main male protagonist is kind of a petulate jerk. He has a definative character arch, which is good, and rises up to save everyone. But before hand I had to call him a rebel without a clue. This probably isn’t the best remembered movie of the 80’s but it is quite good. I won’t spoil any of it. You should really check this out for yourself.


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