Halloween Horrors: Revolt of the Zombies

November 1, 2009 at 7:15 pm Leave a comment

Third in the series of movies I am watching on Halloween ’09, Revolt of the Zombies. At this point of the night, I was exhausted. Frankenstein ’80 and Murder Mansion had worn me down to the point were all I hoped for was a movie made by Americans. Italian and Spanish horror movies have not been good to me.

Made in 1936, apparently Revolt of the Zombies was made by the same people has horror classic White Zombie. And apparently, it is a very similar movie. Of course, I didn’t know that at the time so I will just judge this movie for what is it. Some English scientists find out there is a way to control the minds of men and turn them into a manner of zombies in Cambodia somewhere. So they send out an expedition to find this and destroy it so the German’s don’t get it. These are the German’s of World War I. The Germans never seem to pose a threat. So they bring along a woman, Claire, who likes one guy but teases the nerdy fellows to make the other guy jealous. And it works. So nerdy fellow wanders into the jungle to find the zombie secret in order to impress her. He finds it but gets fired for being a loose cannon who plays by his own rules. He is fired and order to go back to American or England or where ever the hell he came from. Anyway, he keeps the secret to himself and makes a heel turn. He uses it to zombify the entire country of Cambodia and all of the expedition, except for the guy, his girlfriend, and her father. He makes a bargin with the girl that he will spare the guy if she will marry him. So she does. Then she tells him she can never love him so long as he has all of Cambodia under mind control. He gives up his powers and the Cambodians revolt, killing him and destroying his lab.

I felt like the heart was willing and maybe this was a well thought of movie in its time, but the technology just wasn’t there. They use the same stock footage shots repeatedly. When they are going through the swamp, it is obviously a rear projection they are walking in front of. It was not really that well made by todays standards and have moments of unintentional humor. But I did get the sense that this movie was an inspiration for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. It is that kind of movie in some ways. While it is no where near as good, it has that sense of mysterious secrets, exotic locations, and menace.

Convienentally short, I would recommend this movie if you like older films. If you aren’t intimidated by movies from the 30’s, give this one a look. It’s only an hour long. I liked it just in the respect that it seemed like parts of it where inspiration for the Indiana Jones movies. I wouldn’t say its in the same league as Road House, but it’s worth watching.


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