The Attic Expedition

October 22, 2009 at 4:25 pm Leave a comment

The Attic Expeditions is a film I found interest if not a little bit confusing. It seemed a lot like a student film or at least the quality of a lot of the student films I saw while in school. The way the camera moved, camera placement, cinematography, the story, and the acting were all remenisent of the better films I saw produced by my classmates. And to that end I would like to encourage my former classmates to head over to You Tube and watch this. The stuff we made was at least as good as The Attic Expeditions. This film has distribution and was completed, which means any of us can do the same.
What is impressive about this is who they were able to get in it. There was a brief cameo by Alice Cooper. Seth Green has a pretty big role in this and he seems out of place compared to the other actors. I think it was really nice of him to do this movie, an accomplishment for the producers to get him. I’m sure he was doing this as a favor to someone because he really outshines everyone he is on screen with. He has a certain presences that draws your eyes to him.
The film itself, I put a little below Road House. That being said, it’s definately worth watching and I would like to see how the film makers grew from this movie. My criticism are that the beginning was too slow and the ending moved to quickly. I know it was suppose to be unsettling and a real psychological trip. But it ends up being confusing and hard to follow at moments.  The ending in particular is really confusing as it seems to jump around. It’s hard to determine what is real and what is in his head. For my part, I thought the ending was just in his head so it didn’t have the impact it should have. This was a good first effort and I hope the film makers learned from some of the flaws in this piece of work. Go ahead and give it a watch. It’s a lot better than the 50’s horror/sci fi, I have been watching lately.


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