Attack of the Giant Leeches

October 22, 2009 at 4:35 pm Leave a comment

The next in my series of movies you can watch for free on You Tube is Attack of the Giant Leeches. In the 50’s there was a trend of giant monster movies. The most notable was Godzilla. But with the success of that they made a whole bunch of movies where creatures get incredibly big and attack a population. Any insect or animal you can think of was exposed to radiation and made into a movie. Attack of the Giant Leeches is about giant leeches deep in the swamps of Florida. They kidnap people and bring them into the abyss, were they slowly suck them dry. There are all kinds of subplots in this movie but really what you expect to see is the giant leeches. Instead, this movie stays with the humans wandering through the swamps looking for the leeches. There is a lot of wandering around the swamps and not enough leech attacks. So in the end they find the leech den, save the guy and girl they were looking for, and blow up the den, saving the day. It is a movie that moves at a slow pace and doesn’t have much of a story arc. Basically, there are leeches in the swamp, they kidnap a few people, some people go looking for the leeches, they find the leeches, they blow up the leeches. There wasn’t much for conflict or a major show down in the end. I would have liked a great final show down but we don’t get it. The leeches are blown up and that’s about it. They needed a better climax. Unless your a fan of 50’s giant monster movies, I can’t recommend this.

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