Atom Age Vampire

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The second in my series of You Tube movies I’m watching is a 1950’s horror/sci fi movie called Atom Age Vampire. It’s a dubbed Italian movie, so if you have seen a lot of dubbed movies you know what that experience is like and I don’t have to explain how goofy that is. If you have seen an mad scientist 50’s sci fi/horror, this movie is more of the same.
The story is about a woman who gets in a terrible car accident and the mad scientist who irrationally wants to help her. Having never met this woman and only seeing a picture of her scarred face, the scientist falls madly in love with her. He has been working a way to regeneration tissue to heal scars and wants to test it out on her. So he does and it works but sometimes it wears off. So he tries it on himself and turns into one of the following; Mr Hyde, a wearwolf, or a gorilla (he is referred to as that by cops in the movie.) Whatever he is, he is not a vampire. The girl, while occassionally scarred, doesn’t turn into a vampire either. There is no vampire in this movie.
One thing I find remarkable about this movie is the negative view it takes towards women. The woman who gets scarred in a car accident wants to kill herself. Really, the scarring isn’t that bad. But she is so wrapped up in her looks and convinced her boyfriend will find her repulsive, she wants to commit suicide. Maybe she should find something else to fill her life with? But, like many 50’s movies, this whole woman’s world is her looks and her man. Repeatedly the women in this movie are behaving stupidly or being talked down to by a man. It’s pretty shocking to see. It’s not uncommon for 1950’s movies but this movie was worse than most.
About the only thing I can find positive about this movie is the make up effects. Other than that, the performances were over the top. The story was stock and didn’t make much sense. There wasn’t a vampire and the atomic age stuff was only hinted at. The title was a lie, the movie didn’t leave much of an impression with me. There are better mad scientist movies. See it if you have a mad curiousity but I wouldn’t go out of my way to watch it again.

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