The Boxer

October 18, 2009 at 12:03 am Leave a comment

The Boxer, an early 70’s Italian movie, is another mislabeled You Tube movie. This is not a horror movie. That’s the second time this has happened now. Is it asking too much that they properly label their movies? If anything, I’d say it is a mystery/suspense movie. In the very basic sense, it’s drama, however I doubt you will ever see it on TNT.
The movie has a very bad look to it. The cinematography is so grainy and everything looks underexposed. The preformances are lack luster. The story moves so slow it is about 45 minutes before anything actually happens. The main character is largely unlikable, and I think a big part of what is suppose ot drive this story is feeling sympathy for the character.
What happens is Cheroakee Teddy becomes a successful Middleweight boxer. He manager is threatened to make Teddy lose a fight. But Teddy finds out about it and sabatoages the sabatoage plot. As a result, his manager gets wacked and Teddy gets blamed for it. Now it is up to Teddy to clear his name in the face of overwhelming evidence. It would be more effective if he wasn’t such a meat headed jerk thoughout the previous parts of the movie.  This movie was honest to God boring. They tell me a very young Robert Dinero is in it but I didn’t see him. But even that is not reason enough to watch this. It’s not good/bad, its not even bad/bad. The Boxer is largely ineffective,  flat and doesn’t make me feel one way or another. The movie is pretty much nothing.

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