Double Feature: Blinding and Bloodlust

October 18, 2009 at 12:18 am Leave a comment

So I am going through horror movies in alphabetical order on You Tube. Most of the time I know nothing about the movie before I click to watch it. In the case of Blinding, what angered me most about it is that it’s not a horror movie. It is listed as one. And if your a member of PETA then it may be considered a horror movie. But it was not a horror movie. Convienentally, it was short so I am doing a double feature today.
Blinding is a documentary about what happens to the horses that take carriages through Central Park in New York City once they have worn out there usefulness. I was blinded with rage when I watched this because it shouldn’t have been listed as a horror movie. It’s a sad story what happens to those horses but carriage rides through Central Park in New York is timeless. There really is no good way to put down a horse than is worn out. Sorry. Maybe I was in a bad frame of mind or I’m a heartless prick. Either way, I’m glad this was a short documentary.
Bloodlust on the other hand is a horror movie. Its another 50’s horror movie but it is light years better than the last couple I watched. Bloodlust is about a group of young people who, through their own dumb decisions, end up on an island being hunted down by a crazy millionaire and former Army sniper. Having hunted all the big game he cares to, he now has turned to hunting people. He usually only hunts convicts that are brought to his island. This young people just ended up unfortunate to happen along his island and the aweful secrets within. So naturally they have to be done away with.
You might remember this as a Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode. It is interesting to watch a movie that I have seen before on there but without the MST treatment. I found myself filling in the blanks as I went along, being that I remember the riffs by heart.
I actually like the story. Other than the ending, its pretty interesting. I understand it ripped off better movies. I haven’t seen those movies though. What really makes this a lousy movie is the acting and dialogue. The performances are over the top and hammy most of the time. Sometimes they are just bland. This movie is the definition of on the nose dialogue. There are a lot of long monologues and the entire story is told instead of shown.
I think this could be remade into something entertaining. That being said, I can only recommend this to MST3K fans who want to see an un-MSTied version of this movie. I can’t imagine anyone else would be that interested in it. So if your feeling brave, go ahead and give it a watch


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