The Brain That Wouldn’t Die

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This is another Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode. Again, I would suggest to fans to watch this one as a novelty to see what it is like without Mike and The Bots. The Brain That Wouldn’t Die is a 50’s scifi/horror movie but it is more enjoyable than my most reason trips through 50’s cinema.
It’s about a doctor who experiments on human bodies in his spare time as a way to advance science. Then one day his girlfriend has her head taken off in a car accident. He takes the head and keeps it in a pan, wires it up, and brings her back to conscienceness. She wants to remain dead but he decides to hit the strip clubs to find her a body to go with her head. Jan in the Pan, with a lot of time to spare, communicates with a failed experment that is locked behind a door, trying to get him to break free and kill her. The doctor finds a man hating stripper with a scarred face that he thinks will make a good new body for Jan. So he takes her back to the lab to saw her head off and put Jan’s head on the new body. Jan convinces the freak to break out of his den, persumingly through pyschic powers. He kills the doctor, sets fire to the place, and saves the innocent girl, leaving Jan to burn in the fire.
What I think separates this from other movies is the over the top acting. It is hammy at moments and comes off really funny. The dialogue is wordy. The story is pretty standard, although it doesn’t make much sense in a scientific sense. What interests me is how much more interested people back in the 50’s were in science than we are today. There was no shortage of mad scientist movies back then. Today, I don’t remember the last mad scientist movie I have seen. All that being said, this movie isn’t very good but I think it’s a fun watch if bad movies are your sort of thing.

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