Class Reunion Massacre

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Class Reunion Massacre is a 70’s slasher film. And as such it is fairly effective. It’s not flawless but any means. Class Reunion Massacre has some pretty big plot holes. But you could go a lot worse in terms of slasher films.
A group of mutual friends from high school get invited for a class reunion. However, they are the only six to be included in this reunion. They have been set up by someone who has targeted them. If you read into it, each of them are suppose to be six of the seven deadly sins with the kill apparently being wrath. In the end, it is a shut out for evil.
In terms of a slasher film, the performances are good. A lot better than Brutal, the new millinum slasher I watched last week. The actors seems to be properly cast, which shouldn’t be something one takes into consideration but, again, in comparision to the other true slasher film I’ve seen on You Tube, it is a consideration. The kills are really well done. The story structure plays out like your usual slasher film. They play with shadows in some scenes that make certain scenes visually interesting.
Class Reunion Massacre does have flaws though that are hard to ignore. In the begining a child walks out of a resevoir and onto a school bus, which gets your attention really quick because it looks awesome. It’s never paid off, at least for my satistfaction. It is never made clear what the relationship between the killer and the characters is. While I am greatful I was spared the speach from a geek looking for revenege, it would have been nice to know that he had a reason to kill these people and what his motivation was beyond them being the epitomy of sin. When we are introduced to the victims, they are cast in a pretty unsympathetic light. You warm up to them eventually but its hard to route for them when the first thing we see from these characters are their personality flaws.
I’d be comfortable recommending this movie to anyone who is a slasher/horror fan. I’d say it is well worth watching if you want a nice little slasher film and some free entertainment.

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