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This movie sucks! Carnage is poorly acted, poorly filmed, has a story that moves slower than molasses and doesn’t make a lick of sense. This movie was an epic fail of epic porportions.
The idea being that we open up with this couple getting married. The groom shoots the bride in the back of the head. Cut to a new couple buying the house. They are so excited about the place and all the free furnature they got by buying it. Immediately some of the goofiest haunting effects start to creep them out and cause them distress. But they just stick around the house, always making excuses for why it is anything other than ghosts. So people peroidically wander into the house and peroidically get killed by ghost bride. Always their is a perfectly rationale explaination for what is going on. Personally, I wonder why the police don’t investigate the living couple on multiple murder charges. How many people can be killed in one house in one week and it can be explained away. So the couple calls in the priest, figuring something might be wrong with the house. After scaring the crap out of the priest and the couple, they leave the house. Ghost Bride manages to bury a meat clever into the back ot the priest. So what does the living couple do? THEY GO BACK IN THE HOUSE TO TALK ABOUT HOW THEY ARE GOING TO SELL THE PLACE EVEN THOUGH THEY REALLY DON’T WANT TO!!! Oh it get’s better. Ghost bride shows up and tells living wife she doesn’t want them to leave. That makes no sense considering all Ghost Bride has been saying through the whole movie is “Leave now.” Living Wife actually agrees to stay at the request of Ghost Bride and convinces her husband, who must be thicker than a slab of Canadian Bacon that they should reenact the murder suicide from the begining of the movie while Ghost Couple lovingly looks on.
 Unless you really want to feel your brain melt, avoid this movie like the plague. I would normally never be this harsh with a movie but Carnage is a complete failure on every level.

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