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Brutal is a poorly executed, Saw-inspired, slasher film. The movie looked like it was done rather amaturely. Very little about this movie works and the sad thing is, most of the people involved in Brutal have worked before and still work today. So it wasn’t a lack of experience that sunk this movie. I think they were just being lazy.
The story is about a slasher who by day is a school teacher. He kills mostly easy women who come on to him or who happen to be having sex when he is around. A couple of dim witted sheriff’s are on his trail and seem more worried about their relationship drama than catching a serial killer.  The Sheriff is cheating on his wife with his Deputy partner, who is way too attractive to be a cop. So they argue or make out, depending on where their mood is at the moment, while every skank in the county gets killed by a rather bland slasher.
The story is flat but what do you want for a slasher film? It would be nice if they could have been unique and had some sort of story arch or three act structure. But most slasher films have no such thing so it’s not that important. What slasher films do need is an interesting killer who executes creative kills. A lot can be forgiven in this subgenre of movies so long as you have kills that peek your interest done by someone you find interesting. He can be either scary or bad ass or in the case of Freddy funny, but I better want to watch this guy kill people or at least want to see him stopped, like Michael Myers. In Brutal, the kills are nothing special. You can’t even see detail most of the time. The best kill is one guy who overdoses on viagra. The killer is just very plain. Nothing about him stands out in my mind.
The biggest problem with this movie is the chracters and the acting. The female Deputy looks like an actress and never convinces me she is a law enforcement official. Only in pornos are police that attractive. I figured she was the director’s girlfriend or someone’s friend but she has actually worked a lot in some pretty decent movies. Best I can tell, she must have just mailed it in for the performance. Most of the casting, it seems they didn’t think about who was best for the character but rather who is the prettiest person we can find and how can we kill them.  A lot of the character you get introduced to, get to know very little about them, then they get kill. What you do learn about them is their most unattractive character traits so it really doesn’t make you feel one way or the other when they die. If the killer had some personality I might be cheering for these people to die, let me put it that way. The only performance and character who came off really well is the Sheriff. He does what he is suppose to and comes off as largely likable. The subplot with him and the female deputy might be more effective if she weren’t so wooden.
I really can’t recommend watching this movie unless you want something to make fun of or you really want to hurt yourself with a bad movie.

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