A Bucket of Blood

October 17, 2009 at 11:42 pm Leave a comment

A Bucket of Blood is a 1950’s Roger Corman movie about beatniks. The bus boy Walter wants desparately to be accepted by the coffee shop dwelling artists but they want nothing to do with him. He has taken up sculpting but isn’t particularly talent. Then one day while trying to cut a cat out of a wall that he got stuck in, Walter accidently kills the cat. To cover up his horrible accident, he covers it in clay. He takes it to the coffee shop to show everyone and they are impressed. They want to know what he has next but he really doesn’t have anything, since his first piece was just an accident. This leads him to killing a number of people and putting them in clay, each time recieving more praise than before, except for from the coffee shop owner who knows what Walt has been up to and feels partly responsible.
It’s a story of desparation for acceptance. The characters are rich and interesting. The story is simple but works very well. It’s in black and white so it doesn’t look particularly special except in a couple scenes were they do some interesting things with shadows. This movie was made in 5 days which makes it all the more impressive.
I know this movie won’t be for everyone but I was really entertained by it.  There is a good story arch, a good character arch, the movie was engaging and I could identify and feel for the main character. If your not scared by old movies that deal with beatnik subculture, give it a watch.

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