Bail Out

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The movie was originally called White Bread, Blue and The Bean. The name had to be changed for obvious reasons.David Hasslehoff plays the character White Bread. His Mexican partner in the bounty hunting business is called The Bean and his black partner is called Blue. This movie is rife with racial humor and stereotypes that wouldn’t fly at all… today. Linda Blair is the kidnapped rich girl who’s dad is in the middle of a cocaine war with Iranians and Mexicans. Hasslehoff and his team have to save the girl, twice….

This movie is a roller coaster of good and bad. Sometimes the action is good, sometimes its bad. Sometimes the comedy works, sometimes not so much. The look of the film is nothing special. The performances. The black guy seemed alright. The Mexican assistant actually ended up being the most likable. Hasslehoff was up and down. Linda Blair was putrid. I don’t know if it was her or her character but she did nothing for me.¬†¬†David Hasslehoff and friends are bail bonds men/bounty hunters. Bail Out ends up being a series of unfortunate events that just spiral. It’s almost episodic, except that each event leads into the next and generally has an impact on the outcome of events.
You could watch worse movies but this is not better than Road House. I’d say watch it because it’s one of those movies that is so hard for me to describe without explaining it scene for scene, that you really need to see it for yourself. Don’t worry, it will only hurt a little.

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