Avenging Angelo

October 15, 2009 at 12:04 am Leave a comment

This is a text book¬†example of a very poorly written movie. Its a romantic comedy/mobster movie starring Slyvester Stallone as Frankie, right hand man to Angelo. Angelo has a daughter he wants no one to know about because they will try to kill her. So when he dies he sends Stallone to protect her which tips off the mobsters as to who she is an exposes her to “danger.”¬† I put danger in quotes because the rival mobsters are so ineffective that its pathetic. I know its trying to be funny but it doesn’t come off as funny at all. So Stallone tells this woman who she really is and she doesn’t believe him. Then, it takes a whole hour to get to the first act break. This movie has no direction in terms of story for an hour. They try to cram something that resembles a story in the last 30 minutes but it all comes off as forced and not making a lot of sense. All of a sudden they introduce a romance subplot with Stallone and the woman. A romance/self help writer has a romance with the woman but really he is the son/hitman of a mobster Angelo killed long ago. Stallone learns of this and manages to get from New York to Italy in 15 minutes to stop the guy from killing her. The comedy doesn’t work. The romance doesn’t work. The mobsters aren’t threatening. This movie fails in terms of writting in so many ways you wonder how it got made.

Avenging Angelo is another one that bad movie fans could appreciate. I think I would recommend this to writers as well as an example of structure, dialogue, and character development run amoke. If you know the finer points of writing, study Avenging Angelo and point out all the flaws.



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