Driller Killer

October 14, 2009 at 11:17 pm Leave a comment

Say it with me, kids, THIS MOVIE SUCKS! Ok, story is an artist can’t pay his rent so he goes on a killing spree with a driller. But most of this movie is just an ad for a crappy late 70’s punk band. The backdrop for this movie is early punk scene in New York. Most of the people in this movie are not actors. Seems like they just wanted to make a movie to show us how cool their lives were. There lives weren’t cool or the perfect backdrop for a slasher movie unless we are remaking Jason Takes Manhatten.

This movie has some of the lousiest music I’ve ever heard. I know punk wasn’t meant to be the most difficult music to play but the band in this movie is pathetic. There isn’t much to this story. There are no likable characters in this movie, other than a couple of bums the driller killer kills. We spend most of our time with the annoying, crappy band or the driller killer who is the biggest jerk in the world.When his painting doesn’t sell that the end of the movie is girlfriend leaves and he kills more people. But you spend most of the movie wondering why she is with him in the first place. He is the biggest slob and treats everyone, including her, like crap. Oh, and the audio in the movie is out of sync by 3 seconds. That’s aggrevating. And it happened to other people on you tube so it wasn’t me, it was the movie. The movie also has the most vaccuous ending. It cuts to red and nothing happens. Nothing at all. Nothing is even implied.

Some people like this movie. If you would like an alternate opinion, check out the Cinema Snobs review of this movie. In fact, I will post to his site from here because I like the guy and his stuff. I think he is dead wrong on Driller Killer though. I can’t recommend this to anyone other than bad movie fans who want to feel a lot of pain.



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