Dracula and his Vampire Bride

October 14, 2009 at 1:22 pm Leave a comment

This is one of the Hammer Series of Dracula films starring Christopher Lee as Dracula. And he was pretty awesome in the role. Dracula isn’t in the movie a lot but the movie has a lot of good stuff going on to keep you attention until he actually shows up. The performances are good. The story is alright. It’s a decent little modern day vampire movie that is well worth you time. I’m not going to give away much because I really think you should watch this.

There are some bad points though. The sound was kind of low but that might be You Tubes fault. There are some long, drawn out scene with detectives talking about stuff and will bore you to tears. Just bare with it because someone will get killed soon or you will see some breasts to make all the suffering through dialogue worth while. The idea is its 1970’s London and an investigation into missing women turns up Vampires. Further investigation puts Dracula at the┬áhead of an evil corporation. Then it is finally revealed that Dracula wants to wipe out the world’s population with a virus. His death is pretty awesome and well worth the movie. I would recommend this movie. It’s about as good as Road House and completely free.

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